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there is no peace part 2

rick ulo 11103

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As the Dark Jedi gathered around the tomb to perform the ritual Shah'Raa turned to Percival.


"Why don't you take over for a bit?" He asked the General. 'I have some business that needs attention."


"My pleasure Shah'Raa." Boch replied. "But don't take long."


Nodding his acknowledgment Shah'Raa turned heading for his quarters. Reaching his hut he entered and went to his holoprojector. Doyen Armala's holographic image came into view and Shah'Raa respectably bowed before the Sith Lord.


"Master, we have nearly unlocked the secret to the Tomb's door." He reported breathlessly. "We soon hope to have the scroll with us."


"Very well apprentice." Doyen's voice was not quite pleasant; she didn't praise him, and merely glanced his way. "I expect the Fifth scroll in two days time." With that she vanished leaving behind a troubled apprentice.


Shah’Raa arrived to the ritual halfway through. The door was opening slowly and the dark Jedi could feel the power seeping from within. At last the ritual ended and the Dark Jedi stopped their chanting, the door now completely open.


“Nasha and Dura.” Addressing two of the Dark Jedi Shah’Raa ordered. “Go in and inspect the situation inside.”


Nasha and Dura nodded and entered the tomb both shivering ever so slightly. After a few minutes Shah’Raa heard terrifying screams and seconds later two Dark Jedi came rushing out.


“My Dark Master!” a flushed Nasha whispered bowing before him. “There is yet another door. And this time one without any hints to unlock its secret!”


Summoning lighting in frustration, Shah’Raa tortured the bringer of such foul news.

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(((alright im really sorry i haven´t been posting for a while but i have an excuse [see sig])))


rick could not stop walking although he wanted to get back and attend to brittany but his legs forbided him and as he was going he triped on somthing landing flat on his face, he searched with his hands to see what it was and it was not to his great surprise that it was a skull, further feeling showed him that the rest of the body had been preserved, it then hit him: he was being drained of the force and if all of the force within him had gone he would die, die like the poor soul that lay before him. but still his arms pushed him up and his legs kept on walking he eventually fell asleep a sleep filled with nightmares and ones that brought back memorys of... sad events. he woke up with his hed on some wet soft surface, it was moss the first thing he thought was that he had gotten out of the cave, that wasnt soand he suddenly felt so confused; how could the moss live if it was constantly being drained of the force? he ate it, it tasted so horid that he was about to throw it out but he ffelt his power coming back to himhe shoved more into his faceand he soon felt as good as new, he continued on and soon he saw a small fliker of light as he got closer he the light got brighter, and brighter he found a peice of paper rolled around a stick, he had found the scroll and on it it said:


"he who has the five scrolls of ( i forgot his name help me!!!) will have power over all living beings..."



rick could not read the rest as it had decayed a little over the years


he ran put with the scroll. altough the power did noy drain the force from him he could still feel that the power existed and as he went he grabbed a bunch of moss thinking of britany hoping it was not too late



(((tons of grammer mistakes sorry)))

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Smileing slightly behind there cover, Sukara signaled to Visona and Jamis to move a bit closer. They had all masked there presence from the ablivious Shah'Raa, as they snuck closer, observeing the path that he had taken from the temple.


Sukara turned to Visona and Jamis, lowering his voice to a whisper. "We need to hurry and make our way to the temple before he figures out we're here. Be careful though, I'm sure he'll have guards, and most likely, Dark Jedi around it." Sukara said, turning back as he watched Shah'Raa's shadow sitting down within his tent.


The three crept thru the tree's, makeing sure that there shadows would not glare on the Sith Apprentices tent, continueing on thru the thick forest, as they soon came apon the temple. Sure enough there where Sith Troopers all around it. As well as a group of Dark Jedi, who appeared to be performing some bizare ritual.


"What the hell are they doing...?" Sukara said quitely as he looked on at them, raiseing an eyebrow slightly. The Dark Jedi had sat in a circle, there voices chanting loudly into the night. The Dark Jedi, haveing no other idea's, had decided to perform the ritual again, in hopes that it would open the second set of doors.


"It seems there haveing some trouble getting in..." Jamis said quitely as he looked at Sukara. "Yeah, and if they are, we will for sure..." Sukara replied back.

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(Sorry. These threads seemed to die, and I wandered off. Just as well, really, as I had some RL things crop up. I do hope you're all around still.)


Jamis examined the situation. They needed some way to get past the guards and Sith, preferrably without attack them all. As good as this group was, their luck wouldn't hold if they kept solving everything by beating a large group of people up.

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Brittany regained consciousness, but she was still feeling incredibly weak when Rick returned. He stuffed some of the moss in her mouth and she made a face at the taste. Nevertheless, under Rick's persistance, she managed to eat it. Strength returned to her and she stood.


"Let's get out of here!" she exclaimed. They walked back the way they had come. When they finally stumbled back into the light, Brittany had to squint. The sun was brightly shining overhead and its light penetrated the tree leaves.


"We need to get back to the ship," she whispered, suddenly feeling the need for her voice to be quiet. Instantly she realized why. The Dark Side of the Force was here. Her eyes fell upon three familiar people and she stopped.


"Visona!" she whispered. "Sukara, Jamis! What are you doing here?"

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Brittany nodded after Jamis's explanation and watched in amusement for a short time as the Dark Jedi performed whatever strange thing they were doing. She grinned and shook her head.


"Will they ever learn?" she asked, as if exasperated at the Dark Jedi. "It doesn't matter where you are, there's always more than one way to get in. Rick and I found it. Believe me, it wasn't a pleasant experience."


When pressed, Brittany continued. "Rick and I felt a presence in the Force, a very unusual one at that. We walked toward it until we found the cave. After a little while of simply looking inside, we decided to find out what was there.


"The cave grew darker gradually and, as it darkened, we began to feel a powerful strain in the Force. It was as if we were being drained of our power, which is not far from the truth. I got to where I couldn't handle it and told Rick to go on. After a little whlie, I thought of how unwise it was to send Rick on alone, so I got up and tried to go after him. Right after I got up, I lost consciousness.


"Rick returned to me and tried to shake me out of unconsiousness, but was not successful. He stuffed some kind of moss in my mouth and that revived me, but the moss was one of the worst tastes I'd ever known. I nearly spit it out, but Rick held his hand to my mouth and wouldn't let me. He explained that his strength had returned when he ate the moss, so I did my best to handle the taste.


"Rick and I have just come from the cave. He said that when he went deeper, he found this." She motioned to the scroll in Rick's hand. "We thought that the Jedi Council would like to see it."

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A frown marring her smooth brow, Doyen Armala paced in the Lord Chamber contemplating their situation. She wasn’t very thrilled with the progress in Faloo, and she had made her displeasure quite clear to that unworthy apprentice.


She whirled suddenly on her heel, her long dark cape swishing elegantly around her feet. Facing the ornate mirror behind her she gazed at her beautiful reflection. Always the sight of her splendor had brought satisfaction and delight, but not today.


When that wretched being had dared seize the throne she had spent hours gazing at her pleasant face hatching plans for glory and revenge, vowing her schemes would be as flawless as herself. ‘But it has not been so’, she thought gazing darkly at herself.


She had failed somehow. Her plans were not as flawless as herself. She hated the fact and she hated admitting it even more. She stepped back in a boiling rage, rage that swirled all around her, ready, eager to consume. Summoning a powerful bolt of lightening she blasted the elaborate mirror into a thousand sharp shards of broken glass.


She would not let her failure weaken her. No, instead she would use it to her advantage, letting the anger and rage strengthen her even more. Stepping gracefully over the broken mirror, she made her way to the exit. It was time she made a visit to Faloo, to her weakling of an apprentice. Oh she would blast the doors off the Tomb into oblivion, and come back in victory with the Scroll in hand.

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Originally posted by rick ulo 11103

(((ive been gone for almost 2 months and you guys have only posted 6 times?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?! shame on you all!!!!






dont know what to post


This here's what we call a PP... yep, you got it, a PP, you know, pointless post;) no matter though! I'll take care of it.



Brittany watched the Dark Jedi for a few more seconds before turning to the others. "We should get out of here before they discover us."

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Sukara looked back down at the group of Dark Jedi, still chanting there hearts out. He turns to face Brittany. "Well, we have to find a way to get in there, if you have found some way thru that cave, I sugest you hurry up and show us the way." He said steadily at her.


He slowly stepped back from his watchful position, careful not to crack a twig or leaf. "Come then, we need to get inside for there abusrd little ritual actually works." He said, chuckling slightly at the idea that such a thing could even be sucsessful.


They made there way back to the cave with as much haste as possible, without giving away there presence. Ariving at the entrance of the cave, Sukara took a step forward and raised his hand. "I feel the presence of many spirits within here, evil, mostly...many perversions happened here at one time." He said quitely to no one in perticuler.


Taking a step back he turned to Visona. "Are you sure you are up for this? You must still be a little weary from your...encounter." He said, tilting his head slightly.

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Jamis took a look in the backpack he'd been lugging about all this time. Surely, with the weight of the thing, there must be something in there...


He dug out a couple explosives. Well, will wonders never cease? he thought, and grinned. He stuffed the explosives back in the backpack, a few ideas swimming around in his head.


He looked into the cave, and felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. A chill breeze washed over him, and he shivered. The sun, though it was out, and shining brightly enough to cause the beads of sweat on his forehead, seemed like it was behind a cloud, and that its rays were diminished.


He looked back to the others, and the sun seemed bright. There was no breeze, and he could relax from the suddenly stiffening of the joints that had occured to him.

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Sukara moved on ahead of them, careful to stay ahead of the other three. They all made there way past the mouth of the cave, the light from the outside world becoming dimmer as they made there way deeper into the caves black abyss.


The hairs on Sukara's neck where standing up, the skin underneath tingling intensly. He knew something was wrong with this place, but he did not care to find out at the moment, if this cave was a way into that temple, then they would press on untill they where thru.


Sukara turned to Visona, he could feel stench of the spirits of the Sith, he could feel there evil desires gripping at his heart, trying to lure out his own. He knew that she, and everyone else must be feeling the same way. "How are you doing?" Sukara asked her, as they continued to walk forward.


Her awnser was cut short, however, as light begain to shine from the other side of the cave...not natural light, however. More like torches, possibly illuminating devices, but it was clearly not natural. Sukara begain to walk faster, as the light grew, picking up the speed of his sprint with each step he took, as they finally emerged from the cave, they where clearly in an old stone temple...


Sukara gazed around them in suprise, his mouth dropping slightly as he looked apon the Dark, but at the same time beautiful temple. "Wow..." He stated simply.

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Brittany frowned suddenly, remembering the scroll that Rick had found. She took it from him and read it. Her face paled suddenly as she read.


"This is not the Fifth scroll," she whispered. "That scroll is on the other side of the planet... inside an active volcano!"


((I dunno... at first I thought Rick had found the fifth scroll, but everybody else seemed to think he hadn't. That's why I came up with this. Eventually, the Sith can probably get in and discover what we did, so we can have some kind of conflict over at the volcano... let's brainstorm about it as we run down this new path.))

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(( I say the temple is connected to the Valcano itself, and thru it we can get there, we will get there first and find the scroll, but the Sith will show up shortly after and we can have a brawl for it. ))


The four continued to walk deeper into the temple, the statues on the sides of the walls gazeing down at them as if they had a life of there own, holding torches in there hands as there hooded gaze seemed to follow them with each step they took deeper into the temple.


Meanwhile, outside the temple, the Sith where still chanting the hours away out at the base of the temple. The second door had not budged however, and it was clearly taking its toll on Shah'Raah. However, Shah'Raah's com link begain to beep. Picking it up, he brought it too his face. "This is Lord Shaah'Raah, it had better be good."


"Heeheehee..." Chackled a mocking and insane laugh, Shah'Raah knew right then who it was - Matorian Vourn. "Well well, it seems you are having a problem down there 'Lord' Shah'Raah." He said in a mocking tone. "Now now...what could trouble such a 'great' Sith Lord such as yourself? Surely not a mere door? Heeheehee...." Shah'Raah could almost see him grinning insanely on the otherside of his com link.


"Perhaps I should lend you one of my toys...though I do so hate when my masterpieces are destroyed by inept handlers...Well, No matter. If it is the scroll Lord Armala wants, I shall help her get it. Here, Shah'Raah, I am sending you a tank called the RT-938 Hellbore. It is of course flawless, being designed by me, though I am sure you would find I way to destroy it, so I better fully explain it to you." He said, stopping to catch his breath.


"You need to activate the power core of the tank first, before you start the actual engine, then you must CAREFULLY pilot it into that little temple of yours, there you may activate the tripple re-enforced durasteel drill. That should take care of any door you might find." Motorian finished, clearly confodent.


"Hopfully, the brilliance of my invention will outway the stupidity of your mind. Untill we next meet, my 'lord'. Heeheehee..." Matorians voice faided with his mocking laughter.

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(Thats some twisted character u hav got there Hiroki! ;) )


"How dare that piece of filth mock me?" Shah'Raa muttered angirly kicking a rock out of his path. "He thinks he's a brilliant scientist does he? I'll show him how brilliant he is, once I get my hands on his wretched old neck. I'll twist-."


"Calm down Shah'Raa!" General Bosh said hastily cutting of Shah'Raa in mid sentence. From what Pervical knew about the Dark apprentice once he got angry he lost all control and right now wasn't the best time to lose it. "When you go back to Lord Armala with the fifth scroll victoriously in your hands you will wipe that greasy smirk of his face. Now we have to concentrate and get the scroll safely home, ok?"


"Yes you are right." Shah'Raa replied regaining some control. "He is probably jealous of me, that i'm so close to Master and she trusts me so."


"Sir!" Officer Pitt broke thier conversation and saluted. "The RT-938 Hellbore has arrived sir."


"Already?" General Boch asked in surprise.


"The transport left Korriban shortly after we did sir."


"What?" Shah'Raa growled. "Impossible."


"There was a message sir!" Pitt continued. " Dr. Vourn believed we would eventually need the help."


"WHAT?" Shah'Raa roared. "That unworthy piece of @#$@!! He doubted my abilities? How DARE he? I'll -"


"Shah'Raa please - " Bosh began.


The General flinched as Shah'Raa turned to him with rage boiling in his eyes. "SHUT UP, JUST SHUT UP!!!" he yelled.


"Umm my Lord I also have a message from her Highness." Officer Pitt mumbled hesitantly, hoping he wouldn't be heard.


Shah'Raa's expression cleared somewhat. "Her Highness?" he said in a restrained voice. "Well? What is it?" he demanded.


"Sir!" Officer Pitt all but squeaked. "She wishes to have the Scroll in a day not 2 as she previously said."

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Several Sith Troopers rushed to the Hellbore, two climbing into the cockpit, while four others directed there movments, making sure to warn them if there was debre in the way, and clearing it if they could. The tank begain to roll up the staires of the temple, the special catapiler track making its way up the rough steps of the temple, as they where designed to do, where as a hover system, which is what tanks have been using for several thousand years now, would have had trouble moving up them.


It reached the top of the staires and slowly made its way thru the entrance. The tank continued ontwards till it finally reached the second doorway, stopping only a few feet before reaching it, as Sith Trooper hit a button on the panel infront of him, and the drill begain to spin, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed, untill its ridges where a blurr to the naked eye.


The tank then rolled onward, and the drill impacted the door with the thunderous crack of stone, the drill crushed the stone betwean the sturdy ridges that wrapped around the tipped cilender, the tip of the drill piercing the thick age old stone. After only a minute, maybe less, the drill had completely put a hole thru the door.


The beast of a machine continued rolling inward, moving deeper into the temple, finding yet another door. Once again, the drill went to work, the door not lasting much longer than its pretisesor.




Deeper in the temple, the sound of the drill rang loudly thru the temle, the echo of the durasteel carving its way into stone boomed thru the corridoors.


Sukara looked behind them, too there sides, and then to the front again. "What is making such a racket? It can't be natural, thats for sure..." He said, once again looking around warily. "We better hurry up and move on, whatever that is, I do not want it to catch up to us..."


Sukara continued on his way, closely followed by the rest of the group. One good thing about the temple was that the main path always seemed to be straight, sure, it had many corridoors on the sides, probably sleeping chambers or training rooms, but the farther that they made there way forward, the hotter things got.


Whiping trinkles of sweat from his forhead, he looked back at Brittany. "Does the scroll say exactly how far ahead this valcano is? We have walked atleast a couple of miles underground by now." He said, the heat causing him to grow tired faster than he normally would.

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"I think we've got a bigger problem than just how far we've walked..." said Jamis, staring into the darkness just beyond the torchlight. Then something clicked in his head, and he reached into the pack on his back.


A moment later, a bright beam of light shot out from the pencil-thin glow rod in Jamis' hand. The monster blinked its eyes in the light once, then made an incredible jump that carried it out of the light. Jamis twitched his hand, trying to keep it in the light, but when the cone of light reached the wall it had been jumping for, it wasn't there.


Nevertheless, they'd had a good look at it. About 2 meters tall, humanoid with long arms and long, powerfully built legs. The arms had biceps the size of Jamis' neck, and the fingers had long fingernails. A second set of arms, shorter, but even thicker, had long claws.


Jamis shuddered and looked at his companions. "Charming spot, this," he said.

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Sukara took a step back as the creature lept out of view. "Ugh...there is another reason why we need to hurry up and get out of here..." He said warily, shaking his head and looking at Jamis. "Keep that handy..." He stated camly, and continued walking, keeping his eyes scanning the entire temple.

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"No," Brittany replied. She continued walking, but her steps slowed as she passed a large arch. She felt as if something was pulling her through it and she followed. Visona noticed that Brittany had turned aside and ran back just in time to see Brittany disappear in a brilliant blue flash of light.


There, just past the arch, there was a small sphere of blue light. It was obvious that Brittany had run into it and had been transported somewhere else... but where?

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Sukara took a step back eyes wide. "Wow! Brittany?" He looked at the portal, and then at the others. "Well...what should we do...? Go thru? I guess that would make sense, we can't just let her stay in there..." He said, sighing slightly as he frowned.

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Jamis shrugged, and stepped forward, into the blue ball. A moment later, without any sort of dramatic swooshings, without any pleasant breezes (though they would have been most welcome), and certainly without any flashing lights, he was standing beside Brittany.


Thinking quickly, he stood aside for the next person, and tried to figure out how that thing worked. Wormhole? He shrugged, and started to play the light around, but realized he didn't need it. The light was very intense. Red, it was, and bright as the day. He looked over the edge of a ledge they were on.


They looked to be about halfway up a volcano, and some magma was running oozing out, not exploding, but definitely coming out. He checked the air, then realized that it wa clean. So- the volcano had not erupted recently then. Otherwise, ash would be thick. On the other hand, he was not sure if magma coming out meant that the volcano was ready to blow, or if it jsut meant some pressure had been released. He wished he knew.


"On the other hand," he said, looking around, "At least there aren't any weird monsters."

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Brittany heard Visona call to her, but she was powerless to respond. It was as if someone else was controlling her body. As she continued to walk, a red glow began to surround her. Visona rushed to Brittany's side and tried to stop her, but without warning, Brittany wheeled and threw Visona into a nearby wall.


The glow continued to grow until Brittany's body was nearly unseen inside it. The others followed her, watching her fearfully as she approached the Fifth Scroll of Sargonnas. She went up the steps to the pedestal on which the scroll was resting and grasped it in her left hand.


"This scroll is mine!" Brittany's voice boomed out of the red glow that now made it impossible to see her body. As she stepped away from the pedestal, the glow faded slightly and they could see her face. Her eyes were also glowing red.


In Brittany's right hand, she held her lightsaber. Once she had activated it, she took a swing at Visona, who barely managed to duck the blow. Brittany's next swing collided with Visona's lightsaber. There was a brief struggle of strength as their sabers locked together, but Brittany was able to overpower Visona. As she swung her lightsaber down to finish the blow, Sukara's lightsaber intervened.


"What are you doing?" he exclaimed. Visona rolled quickly out of the way.


"Getting rid of you Jedi!" Brittany smirked. Suddenly, she emitted a loud scream and shouted, "NO! I WILL NOT GIVE IN!"


She dropped to her knees and bowed her head. Her lightsaber clattered to the floor, but the scroll was held in a vice grip in her left hand. With another loud scream, she fell to the floor and her grip on the scroll loosened. Rick sprang to her side and found that, though she was still alive, she would likely not awaken for some time.


Jamis tensed suddenly as he saw three Dark Jedi come through the portal. One of them was Shah'Raa.


"So, I see you have discovered the power of the scroll," he smirked. "I have gloved hands and will be able to carry this to my master. Your friend did not do so well with it, I see."


He laughed and walked toward the scroll where it lay, mere inches from where Rick was crouched over Brittany's unconscious form.

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Sukara looked at the scroll, and then quickly back at Shah'raa, quickly thrusting his hand forward, his palm flattened, as he sent a wave of Force energy (force push) twords Shah'raa. The Sith crossed his arms to defend himself, but was still knocked back several feet.


"Quickly, Visona, grab the scroll!" Sukara shouted too her, remembering that her current Jedi outfit had wrappings around her arms, that ended in gloved hands. Sukara then tightened his grip on his green blade, preparing for battle, as he watched Visona pick up the scroll.


The other's ignighted there blades and stood ready for the impending fight. The three Dark Jedi leaped forward, thru the air twords Rick, Jamis, and Visona. The other three responding by raising there sabers to guard againts there blows.


Sukara and Shah'Raa rushed for each other, there blades crackling as they clashed, Shah'Raa attempting a upwards thrust, but being blocked by Sukara, who knocked his blade to the side.


Shah'Raa recovered quickly, however, and just in time, too, as Sukara's lightsaber was parried just in time, stopping it from slashing him across the face. The two continued fighting, as the sounds of everyones lightsabers impacting againts there foes sent echo's thruout the valcano.


Visona, meanwhile, was busy fighting a Dark Jedi of her own, one who was extreamly interested in the scroll that she had stuffed in her robes whislt she fights. The female Dark Jedi grunted as her saber clashed againts her Jedi counterpart, quickly reaching forward with one hand, whislt her other held her saber to try and grab the scroll. Visona would need to keep her foe from grabbing the scroll at all costs.


Rick battled with his enemy, a male Dark Jedi weilding two crimson lightsabers. Rick skillfully blocked his foes attacks, but his enemy also blocked his. Despite Rick Ulo's skill, he was having some trouble attacking his multi-bladed attacker. The two sabers keeping him on the defence, a stern defence, but still leaving no room for attack. He would need to find a way to strike between his foes flurry of attacks.


Jamis meanwhile, battled againts a large alien Jedi, at least 55% larger than himself. The hardy fighter weilded a lightsaber to match his own size. The powerful alien swung its lightsaber at Jamis, who skillfully dodged the blade. The alien swung once more, and Jamis skillfully rose his saber to block it, but its power knocked him back. He couldn't go toe to toe with this things brute strength. Jamis would need to find another way to beat this foe.


The 8 force users clashed with all of there might, there hearts racing in the heat of battle. The Valcano's lava slowly creeping down its moltin hot crust.

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In the midst of this battle, Brittany stirs lightly. With a small moan she rolls over, but makes no other movements. Suddenly, her eyes opened and she watched as the scroll dropped out of Visona's control. The scroll rolled a little, ending up a few inches from Brittany's hand.


Brittany tried to move again, but she could barely do so. With a low moan, she forced her body to move, keeping her eyes away from the scroll as she brought her foot around toward it.


There was a low rumble as the molten lava inched higher. Brittany realized that, if she knocked the scroll off the edge, they would be in greater danger, but she knew that there was no other option.


With a great yell brought forth from the strength she barely had, Brittany lashed out at the scroll with her foot. The combatants wheeled as one to watch what was happening. Brittany's foot connected with the scroll and sent it skittering across the floor.


Shah'Raa's eyes widened and he lunged forward to save it. Brittany summoned the Force to her aid and stood, a move Shah'Raa was not expecting. Before he had time to react, Brittany punched him hard in the face.


The scroll came to rest on the edge of the ledge and Brittany slumped to the ground once more. That had taken too much out of her. Shah'Raa recovered from the blow he had recieved and attempted to move forward once more.


The molten lava was nearing the ledge.

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