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there is no peace part 2

rick ulo 11103

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landing near the edge after being force pushed by rick, the dark jedi started slashing like a madman. Rick was forced to jump back but as he landed the dark jedi rolled towards him and as he came out of the roll he tried to stab rick with HIS right saber.

rick quikly dodged to the left and pushed the red saber away, seeing the oportunity, he slided his saber down the dark jedis saber until he got to the hilt, he kept going...


he stood over the dark jedi who was screaming because


1. his saber exploded in his hand


2. half of his right arm had been ripped off

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The Dark Jedi alien swung again, and Jamis ducked under it, using his saber just to deflect his opponent's blow from hitting him. An alien as a Dark Jedi was most likely more formidable than your standard, as the Sith were rather xenophobic. A non-human had to especially prove themselves worthy, and had to be constantly proving themself again and again.


Jamis breathed in heavily, breathing the heavy, oppressive air. His lungs felt warm at the heat of the air. His opponent seemed unaffected. Jamis deflected another attack. His opponent used heavy strikes. This was not to say that they were slow strikes, though. A lightsaber weighs nothing, though the energy field sorrounding it can cause the sensation of weight. The strikes of his opponent came fast.


To his right, a cubby of sorts. He'd be able to hole up in there, but that wasn't what he needed. Jamis suddenly reached a decision, and Reversed his lightsaber. A moment later, he stabbed it into the rock beneath, holding it out from him. The alien grinned wierdly at him.


"Hoping for a jet of magma? Hahaha! That won't help you, Jamis!" Jamis blinked. So, the Sith had figured out who he was. He watcehd as the alien's lightsaber curved in. It was using vary basic strokes, assuming its power and speed would keep him backing up. No longer. At the right moment, he stepped forward and moved his blade up, held horizontally. A moment later, a dull thud came from behind him as its hands hit the ground behind him.


It shrieked, then held the stumps of its wrists out to him. A moment later, as he watched, a new pair of hands grew where the old pair was missing from. It grinned again. "See? Anything you cut off, I can heal."


Jamis frowned, and then said "Heal this," and went to work. In a fury, he chopped at his opponent, chopping off the head at three spots, the grasping hands, the swinging arms, the legs, as the alien tried to defend itself by kicking at him, then slicing the torso into tiny pieces. A frenzy took hold, a bloodlust, as he stood over his vanquished opponent and made sure that it would never rise again. Finally, he stood over the diced remains of his opponent. He turned and looked at how things went for his friends.


Rick was poised over his opponent, Shah'raa was beconing to Visona, who held the scroll. Visona's opponent lay on the ground, as did Brittany. The former was obviously dead, the latter looked to be alive still.


Sukara was behind Shah'raa, with the Dark Jedi seeming to pay no attention to the rapidly approaching former Lord of the Sith. Shah'raa couldn't possibly be that stupid, though. Jamis was still operating off of the frenzy that had been imparted to him from beating his opponent, and moved for Shah'raa as well.

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Brittany stirred lightly where she lay between Visona and Shah'Raa. Her eyes opened and hunted for her lightsaber, but she could not see it. It must be behind me, she concluded. Shah'Raa glanced down briefly at Brittany and anger filled him. It was directed toward Brittany for breaking his nose.


She could feel his malice redirecting itself toward her, but she could not move. This is the end, she thought frantically. With this frantic thought running through her head, she managed to roll away from his descending lightsaber.


With a low moan, she got to her feet and grabbed for the nearby wall. Her hand caught a piece that was hanging out a little and she managed to stay upright as she called her lightsaber back to her.


"I may be weak," she whispered, "but I am not gone."


"You soon will be!" Shah'Raa yelled in rage. He stabbed his lightsaber at Brittany's stomach, a blow she was scarcely able to block. It drained her energy and when he tried to strike again, she could only drop to the ground to avoid it.


Still conscious, she stared up into his face, a face twisted with rage and pleasure, spattered with blood.


"You will die today," he growled.

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As Shah'Raa raised his saber to attempt to strike the weakend, nearly unconscious Brittany out, he felt a presence behind him. He whirled, swinging his lightsaber to chop the figures head off, but the figure simply leans back, letting it pass harmlessly infront of his neck.


It was Sukara, who, to Shaah'Raa's great suprise had crept up on him and dodge his attack. Growling intensly under his breath, Shah'Raa swung again, but Sukara's blade parried it easily, and batted it aside, Sukara then gripped Shah'Raa's shoulder with his right hand, and implanted his knee deep between the Sith Lords legs...

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Shah'Raa saw the kick coming and swiftly dodged Sukara's knee, throwing a force push at the ex-Sith. The wind knocked out of him, a surprised Sukara stumbled back and quickly regained his balance. His astonishment left him however when he saw Sha'Raa heading towards Visona and the Scroll. Sukara moved forward hastily anger cursing through his viens, but Jamis got there before him.


"Give up Shah'Raa." Jamis said calmly. "You are surrounded, there is no escape."


"Thats your speciality right?" Shah'raa turned to Jamis sneering. "Escape? Its what your best at, no? Well let me tell you something coward your lucks run out. Once you step out of here you'll be the one surrounded, and not by 5 clumsy Jedi, by hundreds of Sith. If there is no escape for me there isn't any for you either."


"If I die at least I'll have the pleasure of killing you bastard!!" Sukara snarled.


Sukara's eyes widened suddenly as he felt the brush of metal against his skin. "Hmm feisty as always huh?" a sickly sweet voice spoke near his ear. The now uncloaked Sith Lord stood behind him, lightsaber at his throat.


Eyes narrowed dangerously, Doyen Armala regarded the astonished party around her.


"I have had enough of this foolishness." she hissed digging the hilt deeper against his neck, her finger hovering above the ignition button.


Sith soldiers and Dark Jedi started emerging through the portal, leaving the 5 Jedi comepletely surrounded and outnumbered. There was no chance of a fight.


As Visona Hallen realized this, she glanced back and down, way down behind her, where a river of molten lava swept slowly onwards.


"Uh-Uh." Lord Armala warned, glaring at the young Jedi Knight and stopping her mid-thought. "One move..."


"Seize them." Doyen ordered, glancing impatiently around her.


Finally recovering from his surprise at the sight of his Master, Shah'Raa jumped swiftly forward. "Gladly." he grinned as he grabbed Visona and hauled her away from the ledge.

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Brittany struggled to her feet, barely conscious. In this moment of weakness, she looked several years older than she really was. In all of the action going on around her, she was left unnoticed and unguarded. As she struggled to clear her mind, she was vaguely aware of Armala's sudden appearance.


"This is not my day," she muttered, complaining to herself. Her complaints went unheard by all but herself. She knew that there was little she could do, so she concentrated on keeping herself on her feet and focused her eyes on what was going on around her.

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The simple task of speaking had drained Brittany and she dropped to her knees again.


"Too much," she gasped, her eyes wide. A groan escaped her lips and her head tipped back. "Where do I keep finding the strength to do these things?"


Her head rolled forward and she placed her hands on the ground. "Sorry I can't be of much physical help." Her words were barely audible. Visona came over to Brittany and helped her stand up. As she stood Brittany's hand brushed the scroll and she stiffened. Her eyes narrowed.


"That piece of parchment drained me," she whispered. Suddenly, she realized that she had to resist! Her hand was trying to close around the scroll.


"Visona," Brittany said cautiously. "Step away from me." Visona didn't understand, but Brittany forcefully pushed her away... a second too late. While her left hand was pushing Visona away, her right hand had snagged the scroll.


There was a bright flash of red that filled the room, followed by a scream. When the flash disappeared, Brittany could be seen, but she was standing under her own power... or was it the power of the scroll?


"The scroll holds my strength," she said. This time, she seemed to have control over herself. "Without it, I will be weak forever. I don't like that idea, but it must be done. I must destroy this."


She slipped away from the group and walked slowly back to the portal, through it, and over to the ledge. The lava was nearing the top of it. Holding the scroll out over the lava, Brittany closed her eyes and sensed the presence of the others, including Doyen Armala, who had been the first to realize what was going on.


"I must do this," Brittany murmured, but her hand wouldn't release the scroll. Her eyes opened and were filled with sadness.


"One of you must get this away from me," she said to her companions. They just stood there, held back by their guards and Brittany stamped her foot. "I don't care how you do it! Cut my hand off, peel it away, just get this thing away from me!"


"I'd be happy to," Armala said soothingly and moved forward to take the scroll. Brittany shook her head and ignighted her lightsaber.


"Not you," she snapped.

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(Ah. Fell out of the habit of visiting for a while there. Just thought of it. Sulah, glad to hear you're out!)


Jamis had remained quiet while most of the proceedings were going on. His mind was hard at work, the wheels in his head turning frantically. He was disturbed by Sha'Raa's few words to him- perhaps she had a point. He was good at escaping, at subterfuge. And right now, he needed all the subterfuge he could muster.


He almost didn't notice when Brittany grabbed the Scroll, but the sudden pressure from behind of an unlit lightsaber poking against his back told him that his Sith guards were very tense at the moment. He looked over at Armala. "Allow me, madam," he said, and walked towards Brittany.


When and how did she get her lightsaber back? This question was burning in his mind as he approached the young Jedi.


"Give me the scroll," he commanded her in gentle tones. He simultaneously planted a suggestion in her head. She visibly shuddered, as if a struggle was taking place inside her mind, and her eyelids drooped for a moment. Then the power of the scroll won through, after a couple of moments.


A couple of moments was all Jamis needed. He moved close to her, beside the blade, and took her arm almost gently in his grasp. His left hand hovered under her hand, and his right applied quick pressure to a pressure point on the wrist. Her body responded reflexively, with her hand going weak and limp. The scroll dropped into his hand, and he supported Brittany as the strength seemed to leave her.


Armala cleared her throat. "Be so good as to hand that over to me, Jamis." He turned slightly to look at her.


"I'm not stupid," he said to her. "Once I hand this over to you, my life is forfeit."


She looked at him. "I can be merciful, you know," she said, smiling a most intriguing smile. "When it suits my needs."


Jamis laughed. "That is truly pathetic. As if the Sith don't prize treachery over everything else."

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Brittany's head rolled back onto Jamis's shoulder and she felt her legs collapse. She was grateful for his arm wrapped firmly around her waist. If he had not done that, she would have tumbled into the lava.


"Thank you," she muttered, barely able to get the words out.

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“Very well!” Doyen Armala snapped, “You had your chance Jamis Yon, now you shall see how double-crossing idiots are dealt with!”


She stood for a moment glaring around at the assembled party. The Lord of the Sith had never felt this furious before. The completion to her glorious plan was at hand, nothing stood in her way but these weakling fools…


Scowling viciously, she suddenly snarled to her followers, “Bring them out. The time has come for the Sith to witness what becomes of those who dare to refuse me!”


So saying, their Master disappeared in a boiling rage through the portal, leaving her servants cowering behind her. Not one man had seen Doyen Armala in such a rage before, her beautiful face contorted hideously, the grace and glamour all gone from her impressive form. She looked like a demon bent to achieve her goals, and all trembled at the thought of what was to come…


Without the least envy for the prisoners, the Sith dragged the Jedi out the portal and through the Tomb. They came to a halt in the center of the courtyard outside. Sith Soldiers and Dark Jedi massed around them as the prisoners were brought forward to meet their doom.


“So.” Armala soft voice broke the tense silence. She glanced around at the avid listeners and her dark eyes came to rest on her present prey.


“I had planned many things for this occasion, when I stood triumphant before you helpless Jedi.” Her gaze shifted from Jamis Yon to the other Jedi in turn. “I had many surprises in wait for you, tortures the like of which you have never experienced before!”


Her voice was slowly rising, dark eyes flashing as she glared once more at the wielder of the Scroll. “But it seems we have no time for such matters, pleasant as they no doubt would have been…”


“Let me share a secret with you Jamis Yon, but first I must congratulate you on your successful escape from Bakura.” The ex-Sith managed to keep his expression blank, but the slight pallor of his skin was enough to cause Armala to flash a twisted smile.


“Oh yes, I know all about that. I also happen to know,” she spoke now in a dangerous whisper, “who you were fortunate enough to meet there.”


“You were the cause of your fathers death, did u know that Jamis Yon? The weak old fool was so completely heart-broken over the disappearance of his darling son, what he didn’t do to locate his only child… Your loss ate him up from the inside, but still he did not lose hope, and eventually he poked his nose too far in his search for you and met… me.”


“Yes, I knew you well enough, I had seen you at the Academy, such a clever talented lad… You were but a grade or two lower than me, and I always kept an eye out for useful allies… Your father was easy enough to recognize, you two look remarkably alike. I soon enough learned what it was he so desperately looked for.”


“I gave him what he sought, information about you. He was very delighted to know that I had actually met his dear son, but not so delighted to hear what you had become… a Dark Jedi, just like me.” Armala flashed another twisted smile, she was clearly enjoying herself.


“To make a long story short, lets just say I put an end to his misery. His death wasn’t very painful, not after what he had to endure the last few days of his life…”


“But enough of this. You were the cause of your fathers death, and so you shall be of your mother’s as well. Your mother shall die before your eyes, and so shall your Jedi companions. I’ll break your spirit so you will beg me for your own death by the end, you will willing hand over the Scroll you so bravely guard now…”


Turning to a Sith soldier she nodded once. Officer Pitt disappeared through the crowd to carry out the orders of his Master.

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Jamis Yon shuddered, deep, and breathed out heavily, his eyes closed. It was so long before he took another breath that some were beginning to wonder if he would again.


He looked at the Sith around him and then at Doyen Armala. And smiled. "You claim to have killed my father, Armala. You cannot prove it, and I am disinclined to believe it. That you can and will kill my mother, I have no doubt. She is already dead, or can be considered as such." He looked at the Jedi around him. "All of us are already dead." The others watched him, as he smiled again, mirthlessly.


"There is one reason we are all here," he said to Armala. He brandished the scroll. "This." He looked at it. "You already have the other 4- they will not work yet." he closed his hand on the scroll. It was hard and tough, and was amazingly strong. Then he took a step forward, into the group of Dark Jedi Knights and started beating them. It took only a moment for him to put the fear in the Sith Soldier's mind- and the man shot at him- straight to where he held the scroll out. It was just like deflecting blaster bolts with his lightsaber, only this was no lightsaber, it was a destructible scroll.


Doyen Armala cried out in shock and horror as the scroll melted and disappeared. It was hard, but not hard enough to stop the blaster bolt. That shot through and hit Jamis in the chest, bowling him over with the searing pain of a partially ablated blaster bolt. He watched as the superheated scroll caught fire, and dropped it down to the ground. The flames leapt a little, and quickly consumed it.


Armala's shadow appeared over him. "That was extremely foolish," she said, and he had never seen such hate. "For that, you will suffer, your mother will suffer, and your companions will suffer."


Jamis sighed. "That was already going to happen, Armala. But there's more to my plan than just this." His voice was hoarse and whispery. He judged he was entering shock. A moment later, the Sith Soldiers opened fire on the Dark Jedi, a move so unexpected that a few of them crumpled and fell. After that, the lightsabers deflected, and the Dark Jedi prevailed. Doyen Armala laughed and turned back to Jamis Yon, who looked a sickly yellow color.


"Was that it?" she asked him, jeeringly. He licked his dry lips with a dry tongue, trying vainly to wet them.


"No," he said. And then his companions faded from her sight as his head fell back to the ground, apparently unconcious...


Rick, Brittany, and Visona watched from where they'd been standing, still with their arms raised, as the Dark Jedi gasped and looked straight at them. "Find them, kill them!" shouted Armala, unaware that the Jedi were still right where they had been, and that Jamis was not quite gone yet.


Jamis chuckled in his mind. His last, great trick. Too bad he wouldn't get to see how it turned out. Already, he could feel the damage done to his chest working its insiduous way around his breathing, and it was shortening more and more.

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((Wow! Long time no see, guys!))


Brittany was barely conscious enough to understand what was happening. Nevertheless, as she was carried by Rick toward the transport, she was surprised to find that a hint of strength was returning to her.


"What?" she murmered, surprised at the sudden change in how she felt. Rick felt her head lift away from his back and she looked around behind them. This was such a surprise to him that he nearly dropped her.


Brittany continued feeling her strength return, bit by bit as the remains of the scroll did their damage. When they reached the transport, Rick placed Brittany inside before climbing in himself. They were all surprised to find Brittany's eyes open.


She wanted to sit up, but did not yet feel the strength to do so. In surprise, her mouth opened and shut several times before she managed to say anything.


"My strength is returning to me," she said softly. "What is causing this, I do not know."


Finally, she managed to sit up and leaned against the wall and soon, she was standing again. With a slight feeling of alarm, she soon realized that she was glowing a very faded blue. The blue continued to grow brighter and eventually surrounded her.


The light was blindingly bright and the others turned away. Brittany could still see them, but when they dared to take a look, they could not see her. When she spoke, her voice was so loud, the others had to cover their ears.


"I have regained my strength," she said. "I have also recieved more than was taken from me. I cannot control it!"


The light continued to grow until it consumed the transport, which began to shake violently. The others were thrown to the floor, but Brittany remained standing. Finally, the light began to fade. The transport was safely in space, well away from the damage on the surface of the planet. Brittany was the only one on her feet.


"We are safe now," she told her companions. They got to their feet, staring around the interior of the transport. Though they could hear her, she could not be seen. Suddenly, she realized what had happened.


"I... I'm not physical..." she stammered, staring at her companions in surprise. "It can't be! I am still here!"


The companions stared around, trying to figure our where they were hearing her voice. Rick gave a sudden gasp of surprise when he saw a faint glow in the corner of the transport.


"Is that her?" he wondered aloud. Brittany smiled and nodded.


"I am here," she told him. The glow in the corner grew until all of the companions could see her. She laughed at their faces, for they appeared to be sad at seeing her this way. She shook her head.


"I am not dead," she told them. "I would know if I had joined the Force. I have not. I think you may even find my body if you search the entire transport. If we do not get back to the Jedi, however, I will never again be able to take on my physical form."


She sighed and stared down at what she could see of herself. "We must go now."


Brittany's companions made a wild rush for the cockpit and Brittany followed them. A door closed between them and her and she found that she could not open it or go through it. She returned to where they had first found her and sat down to wait.


"It's all I can do now," she said softly. She knew her hours were running out.

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(( Wow, the gangs all here again. :D Welcome back guys. ))


As he slowly guided the ship away from the planets surface, he looked down at it, as the entire planet had began to be ripped apart by the power of the 5th scroll. “I would hate to be the people living on that planet, it is about to be obliterated from the galaxy…” He said quietly to Visona. Noticing that she looked to be a bit tired, he frowned slightly. “Are you going to be alright? Maybe you should get some rest.” He said softly.


His attention quickly snapped back to the screen of the cockpit, and the approaching hyperspace booey. He quickly punched in the coordinates for Coruscant. The ships engines fired up, and they where soon surrounded by the blue tunnel of hyperspace, on there way to the Republic’s capital.


Making his way back into the rest area of the ship, and sitting down with a sigh, he stared at Brittany, giving her a odd look, as her ethereal image sat there looking back at him. “I’ve never seen that happen before. What’s it feel like?” He asked curiously.


He had heard of Jedi dieing, and becoming one with the Force, but never supposedly being alive, and in that state. Very odd indeed.

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"It is difficult to explain," Brittany replied after a short silence. "I can sense that my body is still breathing, but I cannot bring myself back into consciousness." She paused. "I'm afraid this is as much as I can say. I don't really know how to explain it better."


She sighed and stood. "I would like to go to the cockpit. Would you please keep the doors open for me?"

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(( After this, we can catch the timeline of the story up with SOTR. :) It'll give everybody time to recover, and seeing as Armala no longer has the scroll, they'll have to conquer the galaxy the old fasion way. :D ))


Walking over to Visona, he frowned. Placing a hand on her arm and patting her gently, he said quietly to her. "Don't worry, they'll be alright. You did what you had to do. We would have all been killed otherwise."

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Brittany noticed Visona's glance in her direction, but hurried through the door before it could close. She was now in the cockpit, staring out into hyperspace. She had always loved the appearance of this form of travel, but something was different this time. It was as if a part of her was missing... which was not far from the truth.


"My body is missing," she muttered to herself. She turned back to the door, but it would not open for her. With a sigh, she leaned against it, waiting until somebody might open it again.

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The Jedi transport neared its destination, successfully evading the Sith around the planet on its way to hyperspace. By the time the craft exited hyperspace and entered the atmosphere of Coruscant, Visona Hallen was fast asleep and the others refreshed from their brief rest.


In the outer rims of the Galaxy, however, around the once beautiful planet of Faloo, rest was not something the Sith could even begin to consider as they too entered hyperspace on their way to Korriban. The short journey home was anything but pleasant, the few who dared to approach the chamber of the Sith Lord met with a swift and very painful death.


The private shuttle of Doyen Armala exited the atmosphere of Korriban, landing smoothly near the Dark Temple. Later the young pupils would swear that as Her Majesty made her way to her personal chamber, a cloud of such Darkness hovered around her that not one man could see her glorious form. Not many had dared to glance towards their leader as she stormed out of sight, those who did find the courage were immensely proud of it afterwards.


The next few days were spent brooding in her magnificent quarters, many highly expensive items were destroyed and yet more loyal servants were tortured to death. Eventually the Dark Mistress did recover herself, and the first thing she did then was have a chat with her ‘dearest’ Apprentice…


The Republic had started their predictable attacks. A massive fleet was deployed to deal with the Sith threat, Lord Armala knew of all this naturally, after all her spies were some of the best in the Galaxy. News had reached her of Republic forces under the command of Admiral Katach traveling to known Sith worlds. No doubt Bakura would be one of their top priorities…


Lord Armala didn’t plan to be thwarted again, not by mere Soldiers. Let the Republic come, it was nothing the Sith couldn’t handle. The trap was laid, her Armada was ready to crush any who dared oppose them…


Under the personal command of the once cherished Darth Shah’Raa, an impressive plan was laid out to land a devious blow to the fleet of Admiral Katach. With the fall of such a reputed figure, the morale of their enemies would be lowered considerably.


The door slid open with a soft hiss, distracting Lord Armala from her meditation. Glaring up at the one who dared disturb her, she saw the bowing figure of Shah’Raa.


“Rise Apprentice.” Shah’Raa did not miss the displeasure in her voice.


“My Lord.” Head lowered in shame, the Dark One did not have the courage to glance at his Master. “My Lord, I bring grave news. Our station at Bakura has been whipped out…”

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Time had past since the Battle of Bakura, and progress had been made in Matorians project. He was finishing the primary stages of the JH program. The powerful droid stood ready, facing 3 Dark Jedi who had shown themselves to be a disgrace to the Sith Empire. Cowards and buffoons.


“Mmm, just patch this wire up, and slide this lovely piece of armor in place…heeheehee…yeeessss! It is ready now!” Matorian chirped in his usual insane tone. Smirking proudly to himself, he turned to the three Dark Jedi standing before him.


“You all have shown yourselves unworthy of holding the title of Sith, you have displayed cowardice, and incompetents. But for the sake of…science…heeheehee…we will give you a chance to live. All you need to do, is defeat my lovely pet here. He is a Droid, especially made to kill the likes of you.” He spoke, with a proud smirk on his face.


Behind him, stood Lord Armala, called to watch the demonstration. Matorian turned to her. “As you can see my Lady, the JH program is now nearing completion. It’s armor is now in place, and it has been outfitted with a special Gatling gun capable of firing 2,500 bolts per minute once in full spin. Its right arm blade has been extended slightly, and it has many cooling systems in place to prevent overheating in prolong combat. It mounts 6 rocket emplacements on its chest - 3 on each breast - and a two flame thrower weapons directly below, to fend off those who get too close.” He stopped to catch his breath.


“It’s targeting system is deadly up to 4 miles away, and it still retains in incredible maneuverability. Jedi Killer perhaps is inappropriate, as it can maw down entire platoons of soldiers before they can react. But enough words! Now, your majesty, see it’s power in action!” With those words, the droids eyes turned red, and it activated.


The three Dark Jedi in front of them, stood ready to fight, and deflect there enemies attacks. The Droid simply took one step forward, and the three lunged at him. The Droid quickly rose it’s gatling arm, and before they could make it half way to it, lasers began to hail out of it at blinding speeds. In the split of a second, they broke through the Dark Jedi’s defenses, the lasers tearing through there bodies at blinding speeds, reducing the three Sith to charred corpses near-instantly, the blasts continuing on, blowing out the wall of the test area completely. The cool breeze of Korriban flowed in on them, as they starred out at the vast wasteland.


The power of this Droid startled all there, even Lord Armala herself, was taken aback by the ferocity of the gatling gun.


Matorian made a mock frown. “How unfortunate, they died before we could sample it’s full armament, heeheehee…” Matorian chuckled gleefully.


Turning to Doyan Armala, he bowed. “I take it you are pleased, your Majesty?”

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((OOC: A question: Is the Jedi plot going to advance along at the same rate as the Sith side of things is? Are we going to pick up again a couple of weeks along, in contonuity, and then try to figure out Brittany's problem, or is that something that is going to be solved right away?))

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((Brittany's only problem was that she was unable to 'wake up'. Her body was still alive, but she couldn't reconnect with it. Upon reaching the Jedi temple, this was quickly discovered and the Jedi worked to restore her. This was done in a few days, but it required one more week before Brittany was fully up and around again... there you go. That's Brittany's story in a nutshell.))

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((While we're speaking out of character, is somebody gonna post in the Soldiers one? I added my character and she's on her way into space, hoping that the Republic will stop her. She wants off this planet, but her ship isn't fully finished... it would disintigrate if she tried sending it into hyperspace:D She knows this and wants to try to get a ride from the Republic... if they'll believe her story, that is.))

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Conciousness returned to Jamis Yon's body, slowly, hesitantly, like a member of the bomb squad approaching a very dangerous unexploded bomb that was supposed to have just gone off, but had, inexplicably, not done so.


His eyes fluttered open, and he noticed dimly that his eyes were gummed up like they were when he'd been sleeping for a long time.


"Good evening, Mister Yon," chirruped an entirely too cheerful voice. It was a droid, he could tell. He moved his head, the only thing he really felt like moving at the moment, to find the source of the noise. A medical droid was moving about, maintaining the standard medical practice of looking busy to the newly-awakened patient.


He blinked a few times. "Where am I?" he croaked. His throat was dry, almost raw with dryness. The droid handed him a cup of water to drink, and he took it thankfully.


"You are in the medical bay of The Jedi Academy, where you were brought by Jedi Visona and Mister Sukara. You were attended to by some of the Council, especially Master Looba and Master Wasafi. Your wounds were serious, and had it not been for Jedi Visona's quick work, and the power of the Force, you would have been long dead before you reached us. As it was, the Masters had difficulty in healing you."


Jamis struggled for a moment to sit up, and eventually managed instead to use the bed control to get himself in a sitting position. Fortunately, it was a nice hospital bed.


"It would be best if you do not strain yourself quickly," the droid informed him. "I have sent a message to Master Wasafi, informing her of your concious status. She will be here, though I cannot tell you when."


"It's not like I have a pressing engagement elsewhere," cracked Jamis. "How long have I been out of it?"


"You have been in our care for six days, thirteen hours, and twenty-six minutes. This is the first time you have regained your senses. You may, therefore, feel a bit weak and more than a trifle hungry. However, you will be eating primarily soft foods and soups to begin with."


Jamis grunted. "Oh good, my favorite. How's the barkeeper in this joint at mixing drinks?" At the droid's quizzical tilting of its head, he waved his hand. "Never mind. Do you have something to read, perhaps? I forgot to bring any books or anything." The droid returned with two books and one datapad, which could be used to access news or to play games, or send messages.


It was the last item that hit Jamis hard. He had no-one to send messages to. His friends, Sukara and Visona, he had no contact information for. His mother... He'd abandoned her to die because he'd been too devoted to some fool-crazy mission the Jedi had sent him on.


All of a sudden, he didn't particularly like his surroundings.

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