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Guess the Movie


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I said Ghostbusters first! Therefore I win! There's no rule against saying three guesses all at the same time and I would know because I made the rules and I definitely won if the answer is Ghostbusters because I know I did because I made the rules and I keep the rules and I say I won! Just because you said "definitely" doesn't mean that you said it first! You probably wouldn't even have thought of it if it wasn't for me! And because I made the rules to this dumb game, I'll make more. How's this for a rule, you dumb person; No cheating! Now you're out the game because you cheated, because you stole my answer! How does it feel now, you idiot?! Maybe I should make more rules, eh? Try this out for size; No Morons Allowed! All morons must leave now. Woah, I think they're looking at you, dude! Looks like you'll be leaving the party with a little FORCEFUL PERSAUSION. Woah, you look sorry now! What's that?! You're sorry you ever cheated and tried to steal my answer and then broke a whole bunch of rules and got thrown out and then everybody laughed at you because you're stupid and dumb!?! Are you crying?! Because you lost?! Man, you're a bad loser! You're crying because you lost! Everybody look at him, he's crying because he lost because he tried to cheat and got caught out trying to cheat and cheating was against the rules because the person who made up the rules said that cheating was against the rules because otherwise society would break down and then he was caught cheating, like a cheater, and got kicked out, and started crying! But what's more important is that I win! I win! He lost! And I won because he lost! Hurrah for me! Everybody look at me, the winner! Don't look at him! What are you whining about now, Dumb-Head?! You think it's unfair that I changed the rules in mid-game?! Let's change the rules a little more! From now on, Guybrush122 is banned! And that's not all! He has to eat TWO HUNDRED LEMONS if he loses. Whoops, I guess you already lost, sucker! Do you like Lemons? Because that's what you're going to be eating from like, now, until eternity. What? You could eat 200 lemons in a couple hours?! How about when you're DEAD?! Can you eat lemons when you're dead?! Because you'll eat so many lemons that the acid will burn you into oblivion, from the inside out, and then you'll be gone and dead, and then you won't be able to eat the lemons, and you'll probably have like ONE LEMON left by the time you combust/implode with Lemon Juice, and while you blast into nothingness you'll be sadly musing over the terrible irony of it all, that you only had one lemon left.

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In fairness, it is a pretty good picture.


Darth Vadar is gonna **** you up.


In another note, I think I just derailed. But I also proved that I'm not Tim Schafer, because he doesn't use language like that.


I'm gonna go wash my face now.

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what a question!




who is tim scha/schae/schäfer?





uh-oh.. is this yufster hear coming?









*places wall*





waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooo sloooooooowwwww.











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Well, to be honest, there are two possibilities.


Firstly, I might be Tim Schafer. That's the popular theory that's being thrown around right now. There's been some talking. Some people feel that I lurk too suspiciously. There have been accusations and emails and a whole bunch of sucking up.


Second possibility is that I'm not Tim Schafer, and that there are plenty of other suspicious lurkers in the world.


But there's also another possibility, that is the third, invisible one... Nobody has yet noticed that the first time I ever posted on the Double Fine Zone was when that thread about me/Tim was posted. How did I find it? Did I just all of a sudden decide to check out the Double Fine Zone, and happened to stumble across that thread? Or perhaps Tim Schafer emailed me the link, because he's a silent lurker. Just like my brother is.


Yes, people. The third possibility is that I'm Tim Schafer's little sister.


What the?! Little sister?! Quick, everybody suck up to me and offer me money and adoration! Maybe you can buy your way into Double Fine Heaven through Tim's Little Sister! (Suckers)


If anybody falls for this, you're dumb.

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Hmm, hard to answer.


Yes, it is an adventure with an inventory and character interaction. But it's in 3D and controlled via the keyboard rather than the mouse. It is set in the world of the dead (according to Mexican folklore) and you play a travel agent who provides the means for people the dead to reach the Ninth Underworld. He uncovers a fraud that cheats travel tickets from good souls...

Very nice setting, sweet graphics (the textures on the faces are animated rather than their shapes, looks better than it sounds) and EXCELLENT voices and music. You must get it!





more samples:

Manny and Carla about Lupe

Carla about her dog



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