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Jedi of the Old Code

Palarious Finx

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JOC is currently recruiting, and we're looking for RolePlayers like you!


JOC is quickly growing into a large RolePlaying community. If your seeking a place to RolePlay and have fun without the nonsence from those "L33t" players, JOC is the place for you.



Here is all the information you'll need, straight from the list.


Jedi of Old Code

Clan/Team Name: Jedi of Old Code

Structural Leadership: Jedi Council - currently have 7 Council Members, each Council Members will be rotated to be the Chair of the Council each month, mainly to initiate events, sort out issues...

Founder: Several former members of the Knights of Alderaan

Tag: JOC

Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: eventually we will...

Type: a truely Globalized Clan with members from around the world

Alignment: Light-Side Jedi

Main Game Type: FFA, Role-Playing

Website: http://www.jediofoldcode.com

Recruitment/Personnel Forum:

palarious_finx@jediofoldcode.com if you base in North America;

isil_ohtar@jediofoldcode.com if you base in Europe;

siraious_altear@jediofoldcode.com if you base in Asia or Australia

Other Contact Info: ric_dsunga@jediofoldcode.com or tzuriel_azar@jediofoldcode.com

* * *

Requirements: mature attitude, honest, polite, want to make friends around the globe (we have members from US, Europe, Australia and Asia) and if possible a starwars fan.


Brief Background: set up by several former members from the Knights of Alderaan. We focus on character development. There is a main story plot (200 years after the ROTJ) of the Order where everyone can help to develop by participating in RP events/missions (the outcome of these events/missions determine the development of our story), but members can also help create side-stories or their own stories from time to time to generate extra fun in the game play. We also prefer to interact with outside clans, invite different clans into our RP events/missions or to have dueling competition with each other.


Others: We have a first class dedicated server which allows 24 players playing at once, with exceptional speed, set up for 24/7.

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Just an update on JOC!


We have upgraded our server! It can now host 29-players at once with excellent speed!!


As for anyone who is interested to join us, instead of sending your email directly to the 3 division heads listed above, please visit Jedi of Old Code ! and click on "recruitment"!!


We now have 37 members at the moment!!


For any outside clans, if you are interested to organize any join event, please feel free to visit us and make a post at our Forum!!


Hope to see you in our server soon!!

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Bumpty, bump. ;)


I welcome anyone who is interested to view the discussion boards. The public area is open to all, even those without accounts.




Tet Akito

Jedi Knight

Jedi of Old Code

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And once again it is time for a nice bumpity bump. What can I say? We are still looking for good, mature role players for our role playing community. Interested in role playing your own unique Jedi, or Civilian character? JOC is the only place in JO/JA to do it. ( Without annoying competitive gamers. ;) )


We believe in good, mature role playing. We set up, and hold Role Playing missions - in game role plays which progress our clans storyline - weekly on our server. Our server is quite nice, holding up to 29 people without an ounce of lag.


In JOC you will have the full Jedi experience. Your character will start out as a candidate, where he will be instructed in the most basic aspects of being a Jedi. If you are dedicated, in your heart is in it, perhaps he may one day become a Jedi Master.


Progression in this clan is not fast - you will not be a Master overnight. It takes months to simply reach Padawan for most. This is so we are able to train you properly in the ways of the Jedi, and keep our role playing realistic.


If you are interested in joining our role playing community, please visit: http://www.jediofoldcode.com/ and sign up. If you have any questions you may e-mail at terrornight23@hotmail.com . I hope to see you soon.

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