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Divoid's Linux SDK patch and Trimbo's universal SDK


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First, can I say that I found Divoid's patch, used in Trimbo's universal SDK, very helpful for getting JMMod to compile with gcc.




The patch removes the declaration of the function

float powf ( float x, int y );

from q_shared.h just after line 1239.


This function is not called in the game project, but is called twice in cg_view.c (for changing camera damp).


When I took this patched code back to windows and recompiled using MSVC 6, it assumed that powf returned int when compiling. When I ran JMMod and the perspective changed (e.g. when becoming JM, when falling to death) Bad Things happened.


The problem is easily fixed by adding


float powf ( float x, int y);

to the top of cg_view.c


I hope someone finds this useful.


(Oh, and I initially forgot to include a new game file I'd created in the makefile OFILES list, producing a broken .so and really annoying a server admin :) - so don't do that, OK?)

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