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Kotor Tool - v1.0.2210.16738 (2006-1-19 12:38)

Fred Tetra

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HE'S BACK HE'S BACK!!!!!! a huge smile leaped to my face as soon as i saw that familar avatar!


Great to see you again fred! as you can see things have changed a bit, how you like the new digs? :D


you can take ALL the time in the world, i'm just glad to see you posting again!

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You had us worried there my friend, I was about to hop on a plane or make a "road trip" to see how things were faring.. hehehe.. ;)


I'm glad to see everything is OK [obi-wan] from a certain point of view [/obi-wan].. I can understand the work hassles and needing some "me" time...


Like Darth333 said, take all the time you need man, I'm just glad to see you around again :D:emodanc:

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We've been pretty busy at work lately, trying to get a product release out before the end of July. With that hanging over my head, I've been suffering from programmer burn-out.


I understand what you mean. I've gone through the same. :)


What I've found to alleviate some of the pressure of "hobby" activities, is to provide the sources of programs I develop. That way, if I don't feel well enough to continue working on it, someone else can.


In any case, take it easy and take care,



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Hello Folks!


I am resuming my work (as much as I can) on Kotor Tool. I have fixed the Mapinfo.bfd problem, and made some updates to the DialogTlk viewer (you can now edit; so I guess it is the DialogTlk editor now...) and also the Module editor.


The main focus of my current efforts will be to make the Module editor more usable.

What I can't fix:

* Creating modules from scratch. (need more info and research on Walkpaths)

* Slow drawing speed (.NET's GDI+ is very slow compared to the original GDI. Yes, I know there are ways to call GDI from within .NET, and if you know this, you probably also know how much trouble it is, so I am not working on that right now.)

* Need for map images to work on a module


What I can fix:

* Panning of the map image

* Making the various GFF editors show what file in the module you're actually editing

* Make the context (popup) menus more clear

* Other workflow improvements and feature implementations


If you have specific features that you think the Module editor needs, please post them with a clear description.


I do not know how fast I will be able to complete things, as it looks like I will have to take a *third* job to make ends meet around here. Two of my children are now wearing braces, adding about $450 that I can barely scrape up each month, so please bear with me.

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If I might make a suggestion regarding the KOTOR tool...


wouldn't it be nice if one could copy rows (in the 2DA editor) between 2 running instances of the program?



I was working on that some time back, but I'll have to check my notes to see where it stands.

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