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WIP: Horse


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Ok, I don't know what I'm doing here...


...I tried doing a test compile of a few animations that I did...


This is what I'm getting from Carcass:

-------- C:\JediAcademy\GameData\base\models\players\horse\model.car --------
( Build trigger: "c:\jediacademy\gamedata\base\models\players\horse\model.glm" missing )
entering c:\jediacademy\gamedata\base\models\players\horse\model.car
(90 degree skewing OFF)
Loading XSI models/players/horse/both_vt_buck.xsi @ 0, 31 frames
.. (adding new bone - index 1 = mesh_root                       Bone 2 ("model_root") exists more than once in this file, bad skeleton!


Anyone have a clue what simple thing I might be missing?

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Originally posted by Thrawn42689

Antizac's looks okay, apart from looking like it has third-degree burns on its face. :p



Wow, comments like that make me wanna release this so much faster...


Who's making animations from scratch, now?:p




I was looking at all the other animal models in JA. And some of them (including the Tauntaun) don't have a "Motion" bone, which doesn't seem right.


Keshire, if you're not too busy, could I send you the .max file, so you could tell me what I'm doing wrong?


I have all the animations (minus the death, running, and turbo sequences), but I can't help thinking, I'm forgetting something very simple.

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Idle, and sure I'll take a look at the max file to see if I can get it to compile. :)




some of the animal vehicle enums.


BOTH_VT_AIR running off a cliff I beleive. (don't need)


BOTH_VT_ATB landing atfer the cliff run. (don't need)


BOTH_VT_MOUNT the various positions you can mount from. (can be the same as buck if there's not too much motion.


You also don't need the turbo. But hey if its already done.


If you don't use an enum. Then the creature won't do the action.

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Well, after getting Keshire's e-mail, and staying up all last night, I got some better ideas, of what was wrong. I ended up fixing the bones 3 times today, and everything just kept getting worse. Finally I just undid what I did with the original bones in January, (I mirrored the right bones to make the left bones. BIG MISTAKE.).


So, long story short, I got the bones working right, so carcass would atleast compile the Root correctly. Once I did that, I somehow managed (after hours of trying) to get all my animations working with the fixed skeleton.


So, no more problems. Just need more animations - and it'll be all set.


you should make a llama!

Won't be too hard, once this is released. Someone else is welcome to make it.


until nextime.

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I'm very stubborn that way.:)


I finally finished another project that I undertook for someone - so I have that off my shoulders. Which reminds me - I need to speak to Darth Kitty, about his Thief model - I need a few things before I can finish it.


Anyhoo - back ontopic.

I'll be working more, on the horse animations, in the morning, but I need to get to sleep... It's 5 AM FOR FRIGGIN SAKES!

I'm startin' to look like this ---->:band: or this--->:deathii:




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Originally posted by InsaneSith

STAY OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ostrich.jpg

I'd need someone to put his in game for me, and make skinmaps for me to skin it. >_> but other than that, i'd say this is pretty much done.


anyway, love the horse. :p


"JOUST" Mod, here we come! Awesome!!

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