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CM_InlineModel: bad number (HELP!)


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I searched and found nothing on this. I'm on the verge of throwing the CD to my dog. I get this error when playing GC Jedi Council map v3. This is my favorite map and the only reason I still play JO. Can anyone help me fix this?


As soon as I connect to a server, if I press a button to open a door, or if anyone else does in the map, then it pushes me back to main menu saying that error.


I tried reinstalling the game, yes I deleted base folder too, all saves, ANYTHING to do with JO, reinstalling 1.04 patch, I got a new patch from a new site and a new JC map from a new site, all to no avail.


Oh and this only happens when other ppl are there. I made a server and tried it and it worked fine. Someone told me that it had something to do with the welcome message on servers and my client number or something like that.


I only put this in JA forum because no one reads the JO one and I need help FAST.

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I found a german site and used freetranslator.com (thx amidala for the link) and got this

Quotation (original of [TLW) :


Wolf Eye"] on the average that, that you have either another version of the Map, is named, that runs on the server there, where you get the message. In SNOW, it gives is 2 versions, one about 1 MB large, the other only 750 kb or so.


Either you have the incorrect or both and then it can occur in Maps, that itself two Maps, that bite use equally hot and the same textures, and then so ne message get.


Another example: UT_TOXIC


It gives as CONCRETE and as a FINAL. If you go on a server, where the FINAL runs have, but you also yet the CONCRETE in your Map file inside, is it in the Map so, that use that of all immediately and decide itself then to so ner message.




Many Mapper should respect there once more thereon, that themselves its CONCRETE´ s with which the FINALS resulting then from that so do not cut. With many, there are there namely no samples..


So, now I have no more ram..

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