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a noob questions :)


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The ^ operator is Exclusive OR (XOR) - with the following truth table:




0 0 0

0 1 1

1 0 1

1 1 0


This code:


if( ent->client->ps.stats[sTAT_HOLDABLE_ITEM] & HI_JETPACK )


ent->client->ps.stats[sTAT_HOLDABLE_ITEM] ^= HI_JETPACK ;



...would toggle the HI_JETPACK bit to off, if it was on. So actually, even though it's a bit OTT (Razor's code is the more correct and easier way!), this code should actually succeed in turning off that bit.


I think the problem may lie in when you are running this code - I don't think you've specified this anywhere. Also, you probably need to clear the EF_JETPACK flag at the same time...




ent->client->ps.stats[sTAT_HOLDABLE_ITEM] &= ~HI_JETPACK;

ent->client->ps.eFlags &= ~EF_JETPACK;

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If you wanna use the same command to give the jetpack as take it away then XORing is the way to go:


if( !strcmp(cmd, "givejetpack"))
ent->client->ps.stats[sTAT_HOLDABLE_ITEM] ^= HI_JETPACK;
ent->client->ps.eFlags ^= EF_JETPACK;


That command will give them a jetpack if they don't have one, and take it away if they do. The only problem is if the HI_JETPACK and EF_JETPACK bits get out of sync with each other. =]

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