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may the sun shine on you all, and the winds carry you home...


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I'm leaving galaxies. Thanks for the Companionship, laughs and good times all.


Game just doesnt have what i need from an mmog. Besides the good companions. :)


but, I will definitely be doing EQ II, or World of Warcraft... yeah. Big hulking bloodlusted Orc Warrior! **Brandishes Wicked Axe and Lets loose a roar of RAGE!**




take care all, ill keep tabs through Jackrabbit




Suriso, signing out.






Suriso Starstrider




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/target suriso /bow4


It was an honor working with you. im sorry to see you go but you were a worthfull friends and ally. like so many have gone before you. your name will be noted in the affiliates hall of fame.


all the best to you.




Corzip Dinn

Leader of the Associates / Affiliates (one of the ...)

EX-mayor of Rorana

Husband of Xanadu. (/target Xanadu /blowkiss)




Atex Dinn

Husband of Zennor. (/target zennor /blowkiss)

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