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NEWSFLASH: The Star Wars Trilogy on DVD (sept 21)


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If it's no big deal, why won't he do it? Why does he refuse to release the originals? The market is there, it's extremely easy to do now that the DVD format is around. He's just being stubborn.



Even if he just took out Jabba and fixed the Greedo scene, that would be enough to appease me. :D

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I don't even know what's the difference between the original version and the new one. All I know is that they added a scene with Jabba in Ep. 4...


And (personally) I don't understand why Luca$ would release the original instead of the new! Many peeps probably have the original (only the real SW freaks would have purchased the new version if they already owned the old one) and realeasing the new on DVD would attract more people.


Anyway, these are great news :D


Some people were saying that the classics would never go on DVD... looks like they were wrong.

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Actually, Rhett, I had seen somewhere that Lucas was "fixing" the SE, such as making it so Solo does not step on jabba's tail, but over it...so the scene will not be taken out entirely, but it will be made better.


I do not know about the Greedo scene, but it is universally hated, so I would hope he is doing something about that as well.


I'll still buy the trilogy when it's released because I'm a SW drone. I can't wait for all of the dvd goodness that will go with it. :D



Edit: I also remembered that there is an online petition for Lucas to release the OT on dvd as well, one of my fiends friends had signed it...I'll ask him about it & see if he can get me the link.

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I'll tell you what will happen. He releases the SE on DVD on 2004. Everyone buys it. He releases Episode 3 on 2005. Everyone goes to the theatre.


Later on 2005 he releases Episode 3 on DVD. Everyone buys it. (Besides these people by then already have the SE and Episodes 1 and 2)


2006 arrives. Lucas says he will make the Ultimate Edition and release it on a 6 pack. Each of the prequels receive a little face-lift and the OT comes in the SE and Original release format.


Everyone buys the six pack.


So... let's recap. By 2006, Mr. Lucas will have made you buy:


-OT on VHS in 1995.

-Tickets for the SE on 1997.

-SE on VHS in 1998.

-Tickets for TPM in 1999.

-TPM on VHS in 2000.

-TPM on DVD in 2001.

-Tickets for AoTC in 2002.

-AoTC on DVD in 2002.

-SE on DVD in 2004.

-Tickets for Episode 3 in 2005.

-Ultimate Edition Six Pack in 2006.


And all that doesn't count what you've spent in Star Tours, Hasbro Toys, if you had the movies on Laser Disk, and/or any kind of useless memorabilia...


No wonder he's doing this right now...

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Blatantly obvious commercial aspects aside (whew, great sentence !), Lucasfilm has commented that the choice for the SE was made out of 'artistic freedom'. In short: it's George's show, and he'll release it as he sees fit.


Come on, you saw that coming.. George Lucas has always done things not quite the way Hollywood's used to doing things.

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Originally posted by Sherack Nhar

I liked the Han stepping on Jabba's tail part...


Hey, I liked the scene too & kinda thought the tail-stepping was funny, but the cgi just made me cringe, if they fixed that up & made it so it was a more fluid & natural-looking tail-step, I'd be perfectly happy with the scene.


And I'm not whining...I'm the level of SW geek that would buy both the OT & SE DVDs :p

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Originally posted by Boba Rhett

Only the special editions. :( So I'm only going to rent them in a vain attempt that all of us who are upset about not getting the original releases will be more loudly heard.



Screw you, Lucas. Screw. You.


No Matter what version it is.. even its black and white


pepole will buy!

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Originally posted by pbguy1211

But, you COULD convert it if you wanted to.

Erm well you can also convert the tapes to DVD. Doesn't mean it's actually taking advantage of the medium... this time we're getting high-resolution video and Dolby Digital EX sound! Just that alone is worth the price of admission.
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