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The question thats probably been asked to every SW fan. Who's there favourite Sith? with more and more been added (and sometimes cloned) each year, it brings in a whole heap to choose from. There were too freakin' many so i just put in the ones that people know about (and shame on you if you don't).


Is it

1) Darth Vader. The original bad dude who's heavy breathing has become a world reconised sound (especially by geeks who have just gone out for there monthly 200 meter walk)




2) Emperor Palpatine. The old foggie with a rediculously large electricity bill.




3) Darth Maul. The Zabrak that spawned the dual lightsaber and "Star Wars Kid" and was probably the only thing that made Ep1 any good.




4) Exar Kun. *Evil Voice* Before Vader, before Maul, before Sidious... there was a Dark Lord of the Sith that cast a shadow of terror and destruction across the galaxy 4,000 years ago. Man, he even had a war named after hime (no one's ever heard of the "Vader Wars" have they?). He's also one of few sith Without a red lightsaber. Darth Maul nicked his idea of two lightsabers....grrrrrr....




5) Darth Revan. 40 years after the Exar Kun Wars was another onslaught of Sith. At it's front was Darth Revan, the cool guy/girl ( with a mask). He had his memory wiped and was used by the jedi to defeat Malak. (couldn't get any pics, so i took em myself)


Darth Revan 3 Darth Revan 2 Darth Revan 3 Darth Revan 4


6) Darth Malak. Darth Revan's apprentice who has a wicked looking bottom jaw/mouth thingy. A clever guy and a true sith through and through (turning in his master, hehe)




7) Darth Bane. The big black bad guy during the sith wars that had the sense to survive and keep the fire of the sith burning, thus letting the guys like palpatine become sith. he also adopted the "one master, one apprentice" philosophy for the sith.




8) Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus. Saruman's gone walkies into starwars. The old guy who had such a great and memorable fight with Yoda. Wonder what'll happen in ep3?




9) Naga Sadow. One of the First Great Sith Lords before any of these others, he decided he could conquer the vast Republic and began the Great Hyperspace War. His armies were defeated by the Jedi Knights. Other outbreaks of warfare between Jedi and Sith, and among the Sith themselves, took place over the next thousand years.




and finally..

10) Aurra Sing. The girl who went bad. originally trained by the dark woman, she turned to the dark side, appearing here and there throughout the galaxy (see the podraces, ep1) with an uncanny knack to survive. (yes, we can see she has blasters, but she is a sith)




Well. You decide. The Throne for Dark Lord of the Sith is up for graps...

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