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New Folks - Read This!


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Hi new person, welcome to the Unofficial Sam & Max Website's forums! These forums are a place for Sam & Max fans to discuss ... Sam and Max ... in its various forms (comic books, games, cartoon shows, etc), each other, and really anything else that comes to mind. Anyone is welcome to post here, of course, but bear these things in mind:


- If you have no clue what Sam & Max is, or who Sam and Max are, you're welcome to ask about it, but you'd come across as a far more suave, confident individual if you read the Sam & Max FAQ and history of Sam & Max before doing so.


- These forums are pretty lax, moderator wise. This is especially true of the "Anything & Everything" forum. Those of you used to slightly stricter forums (for instance, most of the other areas of LucasForums) should consider yourself warned that there is a little bit of language and a lot of mockery (both of the "self-" and "good-old-fashioned" varieties) thrown around in the posts here.


- Because of this, children (and adults with child-like tolerance for wanton violence and references to naughty things) might want to cover their eyes, or maybe visit one of the other fine discussion boards hosted here at LucasForums instead of this one.


- That said, we understand the difference between the presence of someone who uses dirty word and an idiot. If you are an idiot, and leave an idiotic post, your thread will be promptly deleted. A post is declared officially idiotic when we judge it as completely valueless in every conceivable way. This includes dedicating entire threads to increasing your post count (eg: "I'm trying to promote myself out of 'Freelancer'"), or any direct personal attacks against another forum member which are serious, instead of really funny (note: being really really mean is not funny, usually).


Hopefully I haven't come across as too overbearing or evil or something. I mostly want to make sure everyone knows that 1) go ahead and be a little naughty, just 2) don't be a complete jackass about it, or I'll be forced to throw you out.


Thanks much!





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