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Is there some way to get JK1 for free?

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Originally posted by mastern64

Dude, ur asking to be banned.

I don't think so ...


I'll assume the best, and that he is wondering if there is such a thing as 'abandonware' for games. I made broad use of abandonware for NeXT OS when I was using that a few years ago. And stuff for Newton, and so on.


Basically, a company puts the executable (or install package) out for individual use with no charge - but no support either.


I wish game companies would do that.


But - since that *isn't* the case for JK1, he'd be best to look for it in the 'jewel case' section of a local game store.



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Yeah, it's hella cheap to find in the retired games section of any store. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, any of those places. I work in the backroom of Target doing the autopulls each morning and I always come accross this game. Brings back some nostalgia, let me tell you.

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Please tell me.

Yes, you can get it for free. Copy it yourself, or download it. However, that is illegal - it's your choice! I'd recommend that you buy it, though - it's very cheap, you'll be sure not to get a virus, it should work right away, and you might get the instruction manual and box with it! ...Which is always nice.

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