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Annoying Jedi Knight Academy Custom Map Issue--PLEASE HELP!!


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OK yes I downloaded the latest Jedi Academy 1.01 patch and to start off next my system specs are:


Intel 850 Custom Dell Mobo

Intel Pentium 4 Willamate Processor at 2.2ghz with 400mhz fsb/256K cache and 0.18 micron process

512MB of PC800 NON-ECC RDRAM(128x4, 4 slots, 2GB max)

ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB DDR 275/270 stock speeds(4.2 catalyst drivers, 1/27/04 release date)

Creative Lab's Sound Blaster 2 ZS(latest 11/11/03 drivers update)

Two 40GB IBM 2MB cache ATA100 7200RPM hard drives(first one has 20GB left, second one has 10GB left)

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Edition Version 2002, SP1


1.5mbps/384kbps average dl/ul speeds



Direct-X 9.0b

IBM Optical Mouse Wheel Glowing Black Mouse with IBM mouse software installed

Dell QuietKey Black Standard Keyboard

Logitech Advanced ForceFeedback 3D Rumble Joystick

Microsoft Silver Advanced Gamepad

USB 1.0

10/100mbps network card

LAN cable

19" Trinitron Black Dell Monitor

2.1 2500 Creative Labs Speakers w/subwoofer & wired volume control

3"5 black floppy drive

Dell Dimension 8200 Case

Espon Stylus C80 black printer

SMC EZ connect 11mbps Wireless USB Adapter SMC2662W

Dell 400Watt PSU

Dell Custom Fan

And more


Maps mapped by [sASH]NATHAN that i've tried, no offence to him(such as MatrixReloadedV3 and Helmsdeep) have some issues, and they havent occured up until now. Eventually, when I play the map and keep on fighting NPCs or doing something like that, the game will revert back to the menu with a error message saying: "G_Spawn: no free entities" what does this mean, is there a way to set g_spawn so free entities are allowed, and is anyone else recieving this problem(i tried G_spawn in the console, its not a console command)? This occurs when I try to load the map in single player, in multiplayer it reverts back to the menu when I do stuff like that saying some similiar error message or something like that. Any ideas on this??? PLEASE RESPOND!!! Thanks A whole lot! :)

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