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KotOR and KotOR2 Savegame Editor (KSE) - Current Version: 3.3.3


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KSE v3.3.4 (3.3.3) released 9/26/06 (Starwarsknights.com)



v3.3.4 (edit: temporarily disabled -- use 3.3.3 instead)

- Recompiled with newer version of TLK handler. Should prevent some unexpected "Memory could not be 'read'" errors.



- No longer requires the following files: chitin.key, 2da.bif, templates.bif, or global.jrl



- Fixed a very long standing bug that prevented some Global Numerics from displaying

- Quests node starts in collapsed position

- .sig file creation is now dependent on the pre-existence of a .sig file in the savegame folder (see readme)



- Added ability to edit Current Party

- Fixed bug where not all current Quests were showing up in blue in Quest List

- Fixed bug where customized global.jrl files with localized strings were not being displayed properly



- Added ability to edit your Quest progressions (Journal Entries)

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v1.0.5 released.

  • Added ability to change class levels of PC and NPCs. (May be of some interest to modders.)
  • Added multiple selectivity on Add Feats and Add Powers lists
  • Added checkbox to turn on/off extraneous Feats / Powers

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v1.1.0 released.


Enhanced the Feats/Powers lists, this time by showing the character's current feats/powers in a different color. Also added a Remove button at the bottom of the list to allow for multiple removals.


If you've downloaded KSE before, you may want to clear your disk cache / temporary internet files before downloading. Otherwise your browser might say 'Hey we've already got that file, here you go' and open up an old version. It's a drawback of using the same URL over and over.

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v1.2.0 released


Added ability to change global booleans and global numbers. This is the same as using SetGlobalBoolean and SetGlobalNumber in a script. Perhaps of more interest is the ability to easily see what those values are as progress through the game.

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Originally posted by Weiser_Cain

How about inventory editing?


LOl was just gonna ask this very same thing.


I don't want to change item properties, since someone else is working on an editor for that one. But to just give items whould be kool.

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darth makaan said:

Can ya change ability points? Add feats?

Of course!


then Jackel said:

what about adding a way to make your NPC's dual class

I'm working on that -- hopefully I'll have the kinks worked out tonight or tomorrow.


and Goran wants

to just give items

So the cheat isn't convenient enough? It would be cool, but I don't see a big bang for the buck you know?

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Originally posted by tk102

and Goran wants


to just give items


So the cheat isn't convenient enough? It would be cool, but I don't see a big bang for the buck you know? [/b]


another way to do this is edit the utc file of the NPC characters you meet during the game (including Calo and Bandon) so that certain items appear when you add them to your party , or kill them as the case maybe

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I keep hitting a brick wall during the "Vision" cut scenes. And I end up in one of wings of the Ebon Hawk, and can't go anywhere unless I warp. Wondering if this is a version problem or if it's just another mod affecting the editor.


I am using the both genders option.


And the Force with armor mod.


I am doing a full reinstall right now and will let you know If it was me, probably was lol, who flubbed something up.


I have a felling it may have some thing with the Feat gain Mod i was using.

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Here's a quote from the readme.txt file included in kse.zip

If you make your early single-class character a Jedi class... you may run into a sequence where you should be seeing a "dream" cutscene but instead you're locked up in a room with a "cut scene" object that doesn't do anything. In that case, use the Editor to change your character back to a non-Jedi and reload your savegame. KotOR should handle the dream cut scene normally, and then you should be able to change back. So far I've found this to be necessary in the following instances: Leaving the Endar Spire, Leaving Taris.


Does that apply to your case?

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Just some feedback concerning your KSE.


I have the same problem as Goran.


I first used the editor to change class when I was on Tatoine and now, each time I use the Galaxy map to go to another planet my PC is locked into a wing of the Ebon Hawk with that unusable "cut scene" thing. The only way I can get out is by warping to another area, which can be pretty annoying. At that time I didn't make the link with the editor so I reinstalled the game but I noticed that the problem came back when I used the editor again. ( I didn't tried those weird force powers).


This time I used the editor to change class (soldier to guardian) on the Endar Spire and I have this problem leaving the Endar Spire and Taris. I tried changing back to soldier and it works fine but then if I want to go back to the Guardian class i have to reedit all the force powers.


If those problems could be solved, your editor would be a great tool since it allows to configure our party as we wish. It's also the most user friendly editor I've seen for Kotor.

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