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Top 5 most stunning moments


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Here's mine ... I did a full top 10 for anyone who has trouble remembering the game, but just post your top 5.


[*]Domino is crushed by the coral crusher

[*]Nick Virago goes to hell in the #9

[*]Lola's death at the lighthouse

[*]Digging up Salvador's body ("Salvador had a ticket after all")

[*]Manny is shot and lies down to die outside the greenhouse


[*]Terry the bee is arrested

[*]Discovering Salvador's head

[*]Domino sends Glottis out to sea

[*]Glottis recovers ("Manny, I'm frightened!")

[*]Cafe Calavera is shut down


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1) Domino getting crushed by the coral crushers


2) Year 2 intro


4) Year 2 ending (with the ship that Manny became captain of)


4) Manny trying to get onto the ship with Meché on


5) The part in year 4 where hector introduces manny to his new office.




I thought of that in a couple of minutes, so i might have left some stuff out.

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All the transition scenes between the years are truly fantastic. It takes my breath away to watch the camera rising into the sky, which then changes from day to night (or vice versa), seeing the yellow letters appear and then the drop down on the same setting at a different point in time. Most fluid and amazing transitions ever.

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1. At the temple at the end of the game. It's just so peaceful there!


2. The snow scene when they all approach the temple.


3. Saying Goodbye to Glottis at the end (a sad moment!)


4. The train diving into Hell.


5. Walking around the streets during the festival!

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1. The end of the game. Call me a pessimist, but I doubt there will be a sequel. I'd still love there to be.


2. Manny goes to the world of the living. Those people were funny, plus given the previous setting I doubted there even would be a world of the living


3. Manny gets hit with champagne bottle


4. The return to El Marrow, the change was suprising.


5. Pepito is seen once more walking around in circles to "make up for all the time walking in one direction"

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1. Seeing Olivia throw Salvador's head in the backseat.


2. Manny getting to be a Thunderboy! (It excited me.)


3. Domino getting caught in those things on the boat... (I'm so vague)


4. Lola's Death


5. Ok.. I know this sounds dumb but in Year 1 when Manny is lighting Eva's cigarette and it turns into Glottis fixing the car was scary to me the fisrt time I played it... haha.

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1. The number nine train becoming that insane dragon thing, took my breath away


2. That cutscene as they get to the temple/portal


3. Glottis falling over the edge of the world


4. The year 2 intro with the automat transformed into the calavera cafe


5. Seeing the bone wagon first time


I really don't see why everyone found Domino getting crushed so stunning, you could see from a mile off that was going to happen. Lola as well you could tell that was gonna happen. I suppose how she blew away into the wind as flowers was very dramatic.


A few others that suprised me were:


The crocodile in front of the florists, it made me jump, i'm such a wuss...


The SS Lamancha hanging over the edge of the world and then finding glottis alive on it.


Hector showing Manny to his old office again, thought that was v.good script writing there.


Glottis' final piece of work, the coffin rocket.


The HEAD of the L.S.A. that was kinda creepy too.


The secret floor in the High Roller's Lounge.


I totally agree with spectronaut about the flame thing that took me by suprise as well


There's loads more i could think off that i've probably missed out. All the cutscenes between the years were awesome like SlipGun said. Thing with this thread is it shows that the game stuns and amazes people at different points, ze mark of a true gaming classic. :D

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