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Wow, just downloaded bast and looked at it in spectator mode, amazing job. Just thought I'd make a suggestion about the edges of the map. Rather that putting in that odd looking background, why not make the lava go through rock canyons at the edges of the map. That way you can better maintain the illusion that the map isnt inside a box. Me and a friend are going to try and play test it later. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Okay, my friend and I play-tested the map for about an hour to see how it worked. Here's some things that bugged me about the map.

Bad news:

1. Switches- there are a lot of switches for various elevators around this map, too many in my opinion. Cutting down that number from 4 switches per elavator to 2(one top and one bottom) would help alleviate the confusion.

2. Flying- The objective that requires you to knock out the turbolasers seems the most difficult due the confined flying space the edge of the map gives you. I spent most of the time manuevering for a shot at 1/3 the speed of the fighter. I suggest either that you modify the fighters you use to alter their speed and manuevering and tailor them for the this map. OR you can make a flying vessel a transport that allows the players to drop down by the turrets and knock them out via explosives.

3. Footwork- it seems a lot of the time you spend on foot is in transit between objectives and riding up and down elevators. Sacrificing some of the size and grandier of the map might be something worth considering so that people won't be aggravated just trying to get where they need to go.

4. Architecture- while the exterior of the bast castle struck me as what its supposed to be, a major fortress, the inside seemed more like a giant power plant with some laboratories added in, especially when you first walk in and go up the first set of elevators. This fact kind of bothered me a bit.

Good news:

The only error I encountered happened when I was trying to escort mon mothma down the tower. She got down two sets of elevators and then started running in a little circle after she left the spot she makes the transmission. I found no other errors in textures or in general.

THe really bad news- When you fix and finish this map completely, you're gonna make yourself famous in the mapping comunity, which means everyone will bug you to make something else, sorry pal, you are doomed. ^^ Phew! Man I must earn some kind of record for massive posts somewhere! Peace!

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i always get this error if i try to start the map:


UNEXPECTED EOF While looking for group dark jedi


how can i fix that?



heh i fixed it myself i just removed siege yavin4 and it worked nice job on the map:cool:

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Was just exploring the new version on our server, and it looks excellent!


I have two questions so far:


1. Is it intentional that the Sith can pick up the Holocron? I was carrying it towards the meditation chamber, got killed, and then spent the rest of the time trying to hunt down the Sith guy who was hiding with the Holocron. Obviously, due to the size of this map, it can be almost impossible to find someone quickly.


2. The Jedi are supposed to protect Mon Motha from the Sith...but the Sith have no incentive to attack her, because killing her will end the level early, meaning they have less time to attack when it's their turn. Or is there something subtle going on here that I've missed?


Great work though!

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I only just noticed I forgot to put the correct flag on the holocron so only the jedi can pick it up!

Still it should be easier to find once I get the icons/radaricons all working properly.


Hmmm... I wasn't aware that the clock timer changed. It should give you the same amount of time to complete the level every time - or am I mistaken?


I put in lots of switches, just since the elevators are quite large and its more convenient. I used to have just one per elevator but it was more aggrivating.


Use the N-1 starfighter to take out the turrets. It's the only ship slow enough. I may mod the speed on the other ones at some point. Though that could cause adverse reactions in other maps.


I'm still working out a way to do the edges of the map - ID game skyboxes are always designed so you can't see the 'ground plane'. It's always mountains etc. So it creates problems when you try to do it - even RAVEN had to cheat a bit when doing their Hoth siege map by trying to hide the edges of the map and putting in a portal sky.

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Having tested the Mon Mothma problem further, it turns out to be quite serious.


The team that are Jedi in the first round can kill her themselves as soon as they've released her...then when they are Sith in the next round, they only have to defend for a fairly short time to win the map overall.


A few other minor things I found:


The first door you encounter as a Jedi has a swirly blue force crosshair, but pushing or pulling it seems to do nothing.


The red beam that activates when you turn on the power is usually invisible from the bottom of the pit (meaning you could jump straight through it and take damage if you didn't realise it was there).


The Sith can turn on the power themselves, which raises laming possibilities - I know nothing about mapping so I don't know if it's possible to make a button only pushable by one team though!

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In theory at least, the Jedi shouldn't be able to kill Mon Mothma as she has a 'teamnodmg' flag set for the jedi team.

But that flag doesn't seem to work properlysometimes.


As for some of the other switches - I must have forgotten to set them to only the Jedi team (Same goes for picking up the holocron).


I have to change the effect for the red beam. Not sure why it dissappears like that.


The door with the force push works, but if you stand next to the door, it gets retriggered straight away and closes again. Not sure how to work around this.

Will probably just take of either the trigger or the force push and just have one of them.


Nothing tooo serious though. (I hope)


Great stuff, any more feedback???


Are the teams balanced? Does having weapons unbalance play too much.

Has anyone been able to use the turret guns/fighter to shoot down players/fighters?


Is there anything that you guys Like in particular?

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I was curious about one of the ships you set up in the map. I think it was a sentinel class shuttle with a usable interior. Would it be possible to turn that into a working vehicle or add a turret gun to it? (kind of like how they set up the gun turret in lando's ship in JK2)

As for likes, I definitely think the classes were set up well. Essentially everyone is overpowered so things stay equal, but the heavier weapon ordinances for each class is pretty sweet.

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I agree, I think the classes work very well together. Another thing I particularly like is the new objective flow (much less repetitive legwork than in the previous version), and I love the Padme face in the lava pit.


I've tried to shoot down fighters using other fighters - unfortunately it's almost impossible, the ships are so fast that you would need a lot more room to maneuver.


It can be done with the turret guns - but only when the attacking ships almost stop in midair, which they have to do to get a shot in at the turrets.

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No... this map is no longer in Development.

I don't think anyone ever played it really...


However, I am working on an Endor Siege map

you can view progress here...



It's pre-ALPHA stage and there's a HELL of a lot to do...

Two new custom player models, 1 New Vehicle, 1 Remodeled Vehicle, textures etc etc etc...

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You can get it here



I did a bunch of testing with about 6 or 7 different testers and rediesigned the map almost completely to it's current state.


There's still a few issues - Mon Mothma tends to get stuck from time to time and most notably its that the time limit needs to be removed from the Siege file. (& it's an easy fix as well) but I moved overseas in August and have been busy since then.


If you want - test it out and let me know what you think WORKS and what DOESN't WORK ;)


I've played through Doom3 and was going to do something for that but Doom3 is a cool engine but the game falls apart about half way through.

I've only played the half-life demo and while it was cool, neither of these games captivated me like weilding a lightsaber and using the force!!!

So I've gone back to doing Jedi Academy stuff namely my Endor SIEGE map (3rd attempt!).

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Someone mentioned that the map became impossible after a while as when you play a second and third round, the time gets shorter depending on how quickly the pervious team completed the map and they found some expliot that made it so the other team couldn't win...

I've never been able to test it for myself though...

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Dude, first welcome to Lucasforums :) second, the last post was in 2005 so no one comes here anymore ;) don't worry, I did the same thing when I first joined :lol: I know what it's like...

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