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Sam and Max 2 - cancelled


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I've done everthing in my power to give Lucas Arts a peice of my mind.

I've told everyone I could on the net. (Forums, etc.)

I've e-mailed PR (and I'm going to do it again.), and the two head people.

I've signed petitions.

and I am never buying anything Lucas Arts again until that mess of a company is sorted.


I am still bewildered by this decision, and I get the feeling that Lucas Arts isn't telling us the whole story, there's just got to be more to it, because I know for sure they aren't running out of cash... *cough* Star Wars *cough*.

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samandmax.net guys can you post this...on the front page


Saving Sam & Max 2


e-mail lucasarts and tell them what you think about the cancellation



sign the petition




write a letter



P.O. Box 10307

San Rafael, CA 94912


vote here at the gamespot poll




do everything you can to let lucasarts that there is a market for a sam & max 2

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LucasArts had a strong impact in my childhood fun. Their games where so great I would wish that when I grew up, I would work for LucasArts, making great adventure games. The same games that made me smile, laugh and learn witty comments that I will never forget.


Now, they can all rot in hell for all I care. Rot along with your Star Wars franchise. I'm not a fan anymore. You disgust me.

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My hopes and dreams have all just been crushed and shattered. I stand now upon the brink of destruction pushing the "you suck" button on my downloaded Sam & Max Soundboard, over and over and over again. That's right Max tell Lucasarts how i feel about this. click*


I am sooo at the petition already.

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Originally posted by lagamorph321

Hey all,

I wrote steve purcell (stevepurcell@hotmail.com) to give him a little encouragement and wrote lucasart to ask WTF? Anyone else interested in starting a campaign?


I'm writting them as well. urthermore, I live but a couple hour's drive from their offices in San Rafael (I'm in Santa Cruz). Anybody in the greater bay area want to picket? I'm serious. PM and e-mail me.


Also, send them letters via snail-mail. These are given more weight than e-mails.


Here's one address. If anyone knows a better one post it.



Attention: Product Support

P.O. Box 10307

San Rafael, CA 94912

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I registered on this forum just now all just to talk about this topic.


First, I'm very very very very very (very x infinity) disappointed in Lucasarts decision. When I first heard about Full Throttle 2 cancelled, it has already hurt my soul in an incredible magnitude since I'm very much in graphic adventure. And at that time, I actually have felt that something bad is going to happen to Sam and Max 2 as well. I did not expect it will come to this...


Guys, I have to admit it's pointless to make a petition. I remembered when I first heard about the possibility of a Grim Fandango 2 production (my best graphic adventure of all times), none of you can guess how much petition I posted and begged my friends to do so. And then what turns up? No no no, not Grim Fandango 2, but GRIM news. Tim Scaffer left Lucasarts.


And now this... Sigh... There's so much pain in my heart now though it's only about 12 minutes that I heard about the cancellation. I HAVE LOSE ALL FAITH IN LUCASARTS..... Those people at Lucasarts, if they dont plan to make the game, why bother announce it in the first place!!! Only breaks more heart. But, I bet there are people at Lucasarts who are just as helpless as we are (those who have been working hard on the game and the team behind Full Throttle 2).


If only Goerge Lucas is a big fan of graphic adventure games. Maybe he can command those people at Lucasarts to continue the production of S&M 2. And now, it really doesnt matter anymore what graphic adventure games I'm getting, as long as there is one....just one is enough.... I dont care whether it is a FT2 or S&M2 or whatever new titles. At least give us one game. But... stupid Lucasarts!!!

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guys the petitions and e-mails may be futile..but dont let lucasarts off..dont go down without a fight..do it for sam & max..for steve purcell..and mike stemmle.. the development team..and all the work theyve put in over 2 years developing this game.. if we can atleast show lucasarts people are out there that want this game completed we are half a chance..but if people give up..and dont try then we are no chance

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Originally posted by samandmaxfiend

guys the petitions and e-mails may be futile..but dont let lucasarts off..dont go down without a fight..do it for sam & max..for steve purcell..and mike stemmle.. the development team..and all the work theyve put in over 2 years developing this game.. if we can atleast show lucasarts people are out there that want this game completed we are half a chance..but if people give up..and dont try then we are no chance

And thus I reiterate, Bay Area Sam and Max fans need to picket Lucasarts and ALL Sam& Max fans need to send letters...Real lettters on paper.
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Dahhh, It hurts. What torture. Driving on like this for so long. Month after month of scravenging for information. They reassured us it was going to be great. They came this far. Victory was in there reach, which brings me to the point , WHY?????


Sigh, I suppose old dogs only forget old tricks. Lucas arts , It's not all about the money, there is more, so much more. I hope you haven't forgot that.


And so begins the end, my friends, 10yrs from now starwars will be dried out and you will be on your last legs, and the world turns away from you and remembers that not so long ago you had a chance to be something great, it could have all started with a rabbit and a dog..... Adios , it's all over...

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I didn't get to see the comic. Was it that bad?


All it was was Sam and Max in one of the head-chopping off mechanisms where the blade comes down. The blade has "STAR WARS" written on it and Lucasarts's Gold Guy is pulling the rope.


"Looks like the end of the line, Sam. I may scream like a grandmother." -Max


"Me too Max. There's just no sense in the heads of doomed monomaniacs." -Sam


"In place of our game will probably be another Star Wars tie-in." -Max


"I hate Star Wars flavored games." -Sam




The link is still somewhere in the middle of Page 2 of this comic.


I sent the comic to Lucasarts to slap them in the face. Are you guys sure petitions are futile? It's already past 3300 some odd signatures. How many signatures are they aiming for anyway?


Keep e-mailing Lucasarts. Keep insulting them. They'll cave in soon enough or do something.


I sent two already, and I'm going away right now to send more.

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(send 20 e-mails here)



(send 10 e-mails here)



(send 50 e-mails here and lots and lots of spam)



(sign this)



(also sign this)


Somebody earlier in this forum mentioned living near Lucasart's location. That person should get all his friends together, drive to Lucasarts, and stand outside chanting "SAM AND MAX! SAM AND MAX!" while playing the game theme song and the TV theme song on a loud boom box. "SAM AND MAX! FREELANCE POLICE!"


Dude, I am still SO mad...

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I really am also still mad, but I think all this is kinda pointless. I've seen this kind of things so many times before (Full Throttle 2 and Grim Fandango 2) and none of it works. But, still good efforts. Keep trying. Maybe Lucasarts will really give in (and I really do hope so...)

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Just registered to post this here. Only for the sake of completeness, my letter to LucasArts.


Probably too long for them to read anyway and not quite the wording I wanted to use but anyway, here it is, titled "Sam and Max 2 - A Funeral Eulogy":


Dear Sir or Madam


There are times when great things happen. When creative

minds join to make something great. With a certain talent

they are able to touch people and to create something that

stays in their hearts and minds for a long time.


The company formerly known as Lucasfilm Games had the power

of creation. The people involved were able to make universes

that are still known today. Even through their name change

to LucasArts they kept on doing what they were good at:

Creating worlds. Worlds of fun. Worlds of awe. Worlds of

laughter. Worlds of epic tales.


Ever since I played my first real computer game "Monkey

Island" I was in love with adventure games. I quickly found

out that from all companies, LucasArts had the talent to

make adventure games differently. I never liked Sierra games

much, although I was a big fan of the genre. They never got

the hang of it.


And now thinking back to all these years, a smile crosses my

face when I remember the names: Monkey Island, Loom, Maniac

Mansion, Monkey Island: LeChuck's Revenge, Indiana Jones and

the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones: The Fate of Atlantis,

Maniac Mansion: The Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max: Hit the

Road, Full Throttle, The Dig, The Curse of Monkey Island,

Grim Fandango.


These are more than game titles. These are words that can

strike up a conversation immediately among gaming

enthusiasts. And why? Because they were more than mere

games. They were game universes. And the gamers loved them

for their creativity and for their fun.


Now let us take a big step to today. Adventure games have

been "dead" for some decades now. But they are reviving. The

revival started a few years ago and is in full force now. In

your press release you stated that it is a bad time for

adventure games. But let me ask you the question many people

around the world have been asking you since you abandoned

Sam & Max 2: "When is a good time for adventure games?" With

all the upcoming titles - promising titles - gamers aquire a

new taste for the genre. And many many gamers will remember

the time when you were the king of this genre. There is no

real competition to a game like S&M2. You have the name of

the game, you have the name of the company, you have the

press in your favor already, you have many fans who are

excited (and very very sad at the moment), you have an

almost finished game. What could possibly go wrong?


All the adventure gaming community asks of you is to give

this game the shot it deserves. And not only the game, the

whole genre as well. If it flops, you might as well quit

adventure games altogether, no Day of the Tentacle 2, no

Monkey Island 5. You probably won't be able to market these

games anyway because you made many enemies in the adventure

gaming community during the last hours.


Well, and with the upcoming Star Wars Episode 3 movie there

should be no big money problems in the near future. Speaking

of future: Have you even considered how the future may look

for LucasArts? Think ahead a few years: I doubt there will

be any Star Wars movies to milk. So what is your company

based on then? From what I read, all non-Star Wars titles

you recently got out pretty much flopped. So how do you plan

on keeping the company alive after the Star Wars hype - and

the money that goes with it - is gone?


You are standing before a more important decision than you

might think right now. You have lost many of your fans of

the old days (as you can read all over the internet). They

won't be there for you when all the Star Wars fans have

left. But it doesn't take much to turn their favor. As one

person on a fan board wrote "One adventure game every 3

years, is that too much to ask?" Really, is it? To make your

hardcore fans happy? To get them to buy one of your other

games even if it's just so-so?



Well, I realize that this mail has become far longer than I

intended. I would doubt that you read this far. If you have

though, maybe not all is lost. Still, there are some things

I wanted to say, but don't plan on making this text longer

than it already is.


I'd just like to saying thank you for being one of the

pioneers in computer gaming. Thank you for creating worlds

everyone likes to remember, and thank you for shaping my



Like many people have written, this might as well be my

departure from

LucasArts. If you fail to support your fans with even so

little as finishing a game that's so far in the production.

If you dare telling the gaming community that the adventure

genre in its entirety is dead while quite the opposite is

all around. If you turn away from your roots which your fans

cherish you for just like this. Then I have to say you are

not the company you once were. Then this is my sad goodbye.


Thank you for your time.



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I know how we can get Sam and Max Back!!!


All we need is somone willing to off themselves for the greater good. If somone was to, say, commit suicide over this incident, and mention that the reason for commiting suicide was because of the cancellation of Sam and Max: Freelance Police. Then LucasArts might have a lawsuit on it's hands, and the parents or family of said victum/martyr would settle with the completion and release of the game insted of $10million. What do you think? Any volentiers????

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Wow, that petition is almost at 4000 signatures. Will THAT convince Lucasarts?


About that idea....Lucasarts would only come out with a "we have nothing to do with this incident" statement, like they did when Infinite Machine went bankrupt.


I don't usually write letters, but a written letter is worth more than another e-mail that says "You freaks" all over it.


Here's my letter:




To whom it may concern,


I have recently discovered that Sam and Max: Freelance Police has been cancelled. I would like to say that I have been a big fan of yours until now.


I have played and beaten every last one of your adventure games, and I loved every one of them, but I fear that there will be no more to play if you keep this act up. Please tell me: what is the point of hyping the entire world up (including every Sam and Max fan, several large internet communities, and the press) if you cancel the games in the end?


Sam and Max: Freelance Police was going to be one of your crowning achievements. A sign that "Lucasarts will not let the adventure genre die." But now that you've offed your two new games, which several people would have definitely bought, I've lost hope.


Even if you announce production on a Monkey Island 5 or Grim Fandango 2, that will probably cancel too, a week before its due date.


All that I am saying is: you are losing fans by the thousands as I speak. All you will have left is Star Wars after the hardcore adventure fans leave, but then after Episode 3 is over, you will disappear, because all your creativity and bravery has drained out. You used to blaze new trails through the world of computer game entertainment, now you seem to be stuck in one spot, afraid to move on.


If you are afraid everything non-Star Wars does not sell, think about this from a new direction: "Are Sam and Max really less accessible than RTX Red Rock? Wrath Unleashed?" I don't think so.


Consider what would happen if you brought Sam and Max 2 back. Think of how many fans would come rushing back to you, kissing your feet. The angry mail would stop. Think of the sales that Sam and Max 2 would rake in. The press is hyped up over this game, people are literally foaming at the mouth for this game. All it takes is one simple sentence: "We didn't mean it."


I mourn for your company, and until you change this grave decision, I fear you are in worse trouble than you thought.

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My theory is that at this moment, Sam and Max Freelance Police is a complete game.


Consider it: wouldn't Lucasarts leave two months to prepare to release the game? March 2nd could possibly happen to have been the day they took it to Mike Nelson, currently the world's best friend, when he said, "Are you nuts? This will never sell."


If you think this is a stupid theory, please don't laugh me out of the forums (especially you SyntheticGerbil, since you apparently like to pick on inferiors) .


By the way, the petition hit 4000 signatures in 2 1/2 days!

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hmmm, that really wasnt a eulogy, a eulogy is speaking good of somebody (doesnt have to be when their dead), that was more of a "lucasarts you suck you SOBS" kind of speech




It's very important that we band together under the same flag.

exactly what ive been saying, reply back if you want to join the movement, we can make our sigs the same, and use a common avatar, plus we can raise all sorts of hell (in a non-destructive, ghandi like way)



plus great idea to picket, to bad i live on the wrong side of the country :(



everybody stand tall, be proud, we can beat those b*@$*@ds




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I would gladly join undernieth that flag!


Another reason why I am pissed is because I love Sam & Max and not just the game. Since Sam & Max collectables are so hard to get your hands on (here, atleast), I was hoping that once the game was released that there would be a big demand for that (T-Shirts, Toys, more comics, etc.). That stuff would have made me really happy.


I would also like to say that, if this isn't a time for the Sam & Max game, then let's hope that the time will come sometime later, maybe when lucas arts sees the time is fit, they'll complete the game, and release it. (How 'bout it LA, let's say... september. ;) )


Until then, i'm not going down without a fight, and I am not going to even go near anything Star Wars ever!

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