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Sam and Max 2 - cancelled


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I'm new (another person who registered out of outrage), but I have an idea of something to send LucasArts.


In Monkeys Violating the Holy Temple there is a frame where Sam n' Max are chasing a guy who stole a women's purse with their firearms on them, but they are yelling about how they want to have a discussion with him, even though they obviously want to shoot him.


My idea is to take that frame and paste Nelson's (or another big player in this cancellation) head over the pickpocket and send that.


Even if you don't like that idea, I'll still do it myself.


Edit: I can't believe this was my first post, I'm so fucking embarassed. Sean was the smart one in this thread.

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Have you looked at the thread on LucasArts' near dead forums? 6 pages long...and growing.


For the website I need:

-This "campaign" you guys are talking about...what exactly do you mean?

-The phone number of Lucasarts product suppport.

-I don't get magazines like PC Gamer or the ones samandmaxfiend refers to, so I wouldn't know their addresses. Tell me their addresses and I will add them to the site.


In Monkeys Violating the Holy Temple there is a frame where Sam n' Max are chasing a guy who stole a women's purse with their firearms on them, but they are yelling about how they want to have a discussion with him, even though they obviously want to shoot him.


Give me a photo of Mike Nelson. I already have a copy of MVtHT which I will gladly add to the site. Any non-offensive fan-art is welcome (by that I mean "offensive to general public." "Offensive to Lucasarts" is just fine)


How do you like the site so far?


actually hullu, if it wasnt meeting their quality expectations, they would've said



i know this cuz they said it before when they cancelled a game (dont know which one though, i forgot)


I think you're thinking of Full Throttle II.


Finally, in closing, I put my "The End of Sam and Max?" comic back on the Net, which can be viewed at the site. http://www.freewebs.com/savesamandmax

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releasing SandM2 online but not free might be a good idea. that cuts out all the overhead of a cds and boxes. They could do like Valve wanted to do with steam and the realease of half-life2. Don't know if lucasArts has thought of that or not but if money is an issue here (and it probably is, it being the root of all evil) that would cut a large ammount of cost out of production. They might need to get more server space or atleast free some up but $50 dollars say for a 800MB download is cheaper for them than $50 for 2cds, a jewel case/sleve, a box, box art, cd art, a manule (how the hell do you spell that?), and what ever else they would have to buy to get it on the shelves in stores... I think insted of complaining about what is happened we should offer this solution.. i think this is a great idea and we should redirect our anger to constructiveness... I was pissed and still am but just being pissed wont get me anywhere. Lets all e-mail this solution to LucasArts and maybe, if they havent considered it already and dismissed it, they will see that money is to be saved and made here...

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Hi guys...


I heard the other day about the cancellation. I am yet another person who has registered due to the news. I have posted a reaction article on my website, (Which you can see by clicking the link in my sig.) emailed, and wrote a paper letter. I wish there was more I could do.


I have to say I find it very strange. It seems that this one article has gotten me the most flack ever. I think there is something funny going on, and Sam N Max is stuck in the crossfire. I certainly got reamed for it.


I dunno. Its just messed up. I am very sad. T_T

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I know that there are many who do not have broadband connection, but I also feel that if we as a community feel strongly enogh about this game to complain about it's cancellation, we would definantely have the pacients to downlaod it if it were avaliable. I would leave my PC on for a week straight if that is what it would take to get this game, and i think that there are many of you who would do the same, I have composed an e-mail that i plan to send to the various e-mail addresses mentioned arly on this thread, it is long but I think it makes a staement and if nothing else it merely highlights my opion, it can't hurt:


Dear Sir,


I do not know or pretend to know the reasons for the recent cancellation of Sam and Max: Freelance Police. I am a long time fan of the game and of LucasArts in general. The first PC game I ever played was The Secret of Monkey Island back in the late 80's and have supported the company though the purchase of games and other merchandise since than. I have even wish to work for LucasArts in the future.


The fans of the Graphic Adventure game genre that LucasArts helped to pioneer in the early days of computer gaming, my self included, are all upset with this announcement as I am sure you are aware of. Many are boycotting LucasArts products all together. While I am aware, as I am sure you are, that the fan base for this genre is a small percent of the overall gamer populace, it is indeed a percent.


I have a proposal that may aid both LucasArts and the Adventure Gaming community in this matter. I do not pretend to represent every person in said community but I do feel that the whole of gamers who have responded to the event in question would agree with and support my proposal that I will in here describe.


It would seem, to myself and others like me, that the reason for the cancellation of Sam and Max: Freelance Police was and is due to poor sales in the Adventure game genre in the American PC gaming market. This goes without contention. Adventure games are not as popular today as they were even 4 years ago. I do not know or pretend to know a lot of the world of computer game marketing. I do know that a lot of money goes into the selling of a PC game. The cost of CD/s, boxes, box design, manual designs and layouts, advertising, getting the products out to stores. All of these are requirements to get the game/s out to the public and all cost money. It takes money to make money is the cliché and it is true. If the fear at LucasArts is that it would cost more to market the game than it would bring in, then my compromise should eliminate that worry.


In this day of internet technology, the houses in this country without internet access are few and far between. The number of gamers who are and were interested in the game Sam and Max: Freelance Police that have internet access is great as I am sure you are aware of. That is why I propose that the recently canceled game be offered online as a one time pay-to-play download. Allow those who wish to play the game to download the game online for the regular game retail price of $50. Again, I do not know or pretend to know the costs that would go into this service. I can say, however, that it would be significantly less than producing the game for retail release. LucasArts offers current downloads for free already in the form of game patches and updates, why not a whole game?


If this idea has already crossed your mind and you have removed it from consideration I apologizes for my lengthy explanation of it. I know that the fans of the genre are not the only people disappointed in the cancellation of this game. The production team of the game must also be disappointed. I know that a lot of time and effort was spent putting this game together to the state it was at at the point of cancellation and the hearts of the adventure gaming community go out to all who spent countless hours working code or rendering pixels for us, the fans.


I don't know if you will read this or if anyone will read this. I don't know if I have opened any eyes or if have I have just wasted time, yours and mine. This game meant a lot to a lot of people, and many people have spent time on it. I feel, as do many people, that it would be a tragic waste to loose all the hours spent putting the game together to just to have it die.


Thank you for your time,

(my full name)



Anyone who wishs to send similar emails please do, it is not about whose idea it was, for me anyway, it is about getting the game so many have wanted for so long and have put so much time into...

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The only decent thing LucasArts can do now is to change its name to Star Wars Game Developer.


LucasArts died when Episode I was released. But the fans (including me) are realizing it now.


Lets hope that after Episode III (May 2005) LucasArts will try to CREATE games.


LucasArts is among the elite of computer gaming industry. Games such as Monkey Island series, the 2 Indiana Jones adventure games, Maniac Mansion & Day of the Tentacle, Loom, The Dig, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, and of course Sam n Max put the company in such position




I always felt priviledged that I played those games shortly after they were released, and I think from tomorrow I will start playing them again because I realized that the last historical computer games company died and games that I mention above wont be released anymore.


I am very sorry that future gamer won't have the opportunity to experience such great games

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If you would like a job at... STAR WARS GAME DEVELOPER... please dial our customer service hotline so that we may set up a resume review date and see if you are, in fact, eligible to be recruited in our fine company... STAR WARS GAME DEVELOPER.


Yeah, also I will take in consideration to stamp my name at your long jumbled up letter, YTthe mighty, and send it into STAR WARS GAME DEVELOPER.

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husirus,what makes you say that.we can all hope about sam n max 2,day of thetentacle 2(maniac mansion3),monkey island 5,and lots of other great games,but right noe lets concentrate on this game and hope to get it back in production.and lets never EVER lose hope

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This is the email I sent to Lucasarts. Felt like being nasty and bitter, they deserve it.


To whom it may concern,


I'd like to let you know my utter disgust at your

decision to cancel not only Sam and Max 2, but also

Full Throttle 2. I feel that Lucasarts has gone

ridiculously far downhill recently and turned into a

company churning out senseless Star Wars shooter game

after senseless Star Wars shooter game. I remember the

glory days of Lucasarts, yet you seem to have entirely

abandoned what is probably your biggest group of fans,

those who loved and cherished the point n click

adventures of old. You've let down a great deal of

people in your decision to get our hopes up TWICE, and

totally dash them, and to be honest I seriously doubt

I will ever finding myself purchasing another

Lucasarts product. This is an absolutely moronic

decision on your part, and I'm glad to know that

you're as motivated by lining your pockets with money

as ever. Hey, I'm sure Star Wars Republic Commando

Knights Fighter 34 will sell millions of copies!


With much disgust,

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First of all, I wouldn't support the idea of an 800MB download, but if that's what they do, by George, I'll leave the computer on for a month if that's what it takes.




For those of you who are up to snuff on early 1900s history, I'd like to bring up the effect on the general public when the end the Strand's short story series, "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes," came. The author, Conan Doyle, tried to kill off his hero so he wouldn't have to bother with it anymore. Soon after that, several thousand fans started pestering, complaining, and whining towards him to make more Sherlock Holmes stories. He FINALLY caved in and did "Sherlock Holmes: Hound of the Baskervilles."


Shows how fans bothering somebody enough will make them do something! ;)




By the way, I've been watching the teaser trailer for Sam and Max 2 again (I saved it to my hard drive), and even though the game is temporarily cancelled, I'm salivating over the game still. Just the trailer would convince the average man on the street to buy the game. Lucasarts is so pathetic.


Maybe we should hand out burned CDs to people everywhere, and on them is the trailer and directions on how to pester Lucasarts.


Keep bothering Lucasarts, guys. Like I said above, enough pestering will break their stubborn-ness!

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