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hay guys the first time i played ja i healed myself and

realized that your not suposed to have a big purple disk

surownding you so can enyone tell me how to remove that

purple disk and all the other force related stuff

please tell me:trooper:

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Its a quote that one of the Lucasforums super moderators probably said, like Jesus owns... he doesnt mean jesus owns obi-wan13.


Cvars are controlled variables which act as a method to control various aspects of the game like dismember, resolution, rag-doll physics etc. But the purple glow for healing is supposed to be there.

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ok so whare would i find the cvar things


ok um i am seeing a lot of things like "owned"

what does that meen please forgive me i am new at this forum



btw you answered my question on "what do these codes do"

or whatever can i post them on a cheat site with credit to you

here is the site


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Originally posted by Kurgan

Back in my day, I remember how we used to play Doom on our slow modems and we liked it! *karf*karf*rockingchair sounds*

I still play Doom II on LAN now. :) Co-Op rules!


Originally posted by Kurgan

type "cvarlist" to get a list of cvars (make sure its in the console)

There's a cvar for the purple heal effect?

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Those are your options, use PageUp and PageDown keys to scroll through that list and you can always condump <filename> to create a text file (in your base folder) of whatever is listed in the console. Rename the file it creates to the extension *.doc and you can open it in Word at your leisure.



As far as the "purple effect" am I understanding this correctly... you're not seeing the effect as it's supposed to be (if I recall it was a bunch of particles from the air being sucked into your body and then causing it to glow briefly but I thought it was more of a blue color).


Are you instead just seeing a big purple box appear? 'Cause if so perhaps your files are messed up. Remove all non Raven pk3's from your base folder and install the latest drivers for your video card.


Could be a display problem.


Otherwise I don't know if you can turn off the "heal" effect in SP.


I know if you type:


cg_rendertotextureFX 0


That will turn off the "Mirror" effect you get from Force Push/Pull and the "Predator" effect created by the Cloaking Shield as well as the cloaks used by Shadowtroopers/Imperial Saboteurs (instead you'll get an effect more like the one used in JK2).


But I don't know if that affects Heal in any way, probably not.

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no it looks like it should but i gues i remembered it rong

it looks kinda smokey like you explained it my video card is

fine and nothing is rong with grafix its like i sed its

not like in the movies like push and stuff i mean

the force is inviseble rite enywhay i will try that stuff and

post back if i have eny trouble:trooper:

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To view the list of commands, use the PageUp and PageDown keys to scroll up and down in the list.


You may have to hold the key for awhile to get to the text (if you see arrows pointing up or down that's hint that there's more offscreen you can scroll to).




condump <filename>


Will also put the text file in your base folder so you can rename it to a doc file and open it in word, then view at your leisure.



As far as Heal not being like the movies yes, but then, what powers in JA *are* just like the movies? I have a hard time thinking of one, except maybe Lightning.

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