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The collecting 'WTF of the whenever!'


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No, it's worse than that. I posted that at a friends house when she was busy with something else and haven't really had access to a PC since until now. I'm at the public library writing this.


My PC is kaput. FUBAR. I'm getting a new one within the week but until then this will be one of my last posts. Anyhow, we're in incommunicata until then. I just came to the library so I could tell of all my new findings. But while I'm here, I'll discuss the topic.


OK, the Acklay was awful. Mine broke because it was so soft. The weight of it pulled it down from its flimsy legs and broke one of the joints. All other vehicles and beasts are fine in my experience. Figures is quite another though. Battle Droids of all kinds piss me off most and I'm sure there are a few others as well.


And I actually love the mucho macho, bulky chested, steroid addicted figures to the new ones. They were toys and toys I played with and they only made one of each figure with the occasional recard. Don't get me wrong, I love all the new figures. I just hate (yet love) Hasbro.

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Originally posted by ZBomber

POTF2 info cards and front cards were the best. Period.


Originally posted by Taters

to be perfectly honest, i like the potf2 card.....nice cards on back, an attractive package....convienent bubble size.....and classic.


Save for the vintage cards, this is so true. PotF2 are the NeoVintage cards and I love 'em.

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Originally posted by Katarn07

'The Original Trilogy Collection,' as the newest repacks are called, look pretty sweet. Very vintage looking with their silver lettering, borders, and colorful backgrounds. They're 3rd on my list for favorite card.


Yeh, I'll be very tempted to leave most of the figures in their new packaging. :)

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