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i need a screenshot of the GF wall background!!


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Hi all.


I'm doing an Art project at A-level and have an idea related to those symbols that you see i think on the save menu in the background or in an option near that. What i mean is the wall egyptian-like heiroglyphics background showing Manny's adventure through the land of the dead, which lights up certain parts as you progress through the game. What i'd like to have is the whole image lit up and a screenshot taken of it, if possible.


I have tried to re-install GF but cannot run it for some reason it goes to a blue screen as i start up even though i've installed the patch. I seriously don't expect my PC which is very messed up by viruses to run anything.


Could some kind person please possibly take a snapshot of what i mean? It would be really appechiated.


Thanks very much.


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