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HEELLPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (JA: Insert disc 0 error)


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i am having a big problem with installing ja

i was trying to rezip sum stuff into the assets and it

sed Error:could not create output folder to (my ja directory)

eny whay i tried to reinstall it first i uninstalled it and i

choes the option to save all my game files and later

i decided to delete them so i put in the disk and after 23%

it asks me to insert disk 2 to load data3.cab

so i do it and less than a second later it asks me for disk 0

for data4.cab and there is no disk 0 so i have to aborte the install





p.s. my installation always worked before:confused:

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ya i tried that i mean inserted disk 1-2 and it sed

the path and file name you selected dont work or somthing

like that you know what i mean


enywhay i also tried copying and pasteing like somone

els sed on this thread (sorry dont remember who:()

and it sed somthing like the disk may be full:compcry:


btw i have a backup disk and i remembered that i had it

and it works so my origonal disk mite be like scratched up or somthing:trooper:


tip to you all MAKE BACKUP DISKS

you never know when your computor mite betray you:compcry:



thanks for your time guys but if enyone knows exactly what the

problem is or can give me some more help with this PLEASE POST

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o and by the way my friend

gave me a website that is not warez by the way but if you have

your cd key you can download backup disks from this site

[ Link Deleted, sorry, use a search engine, this forum isn't for listing cracks! ]

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If you make a clone of Disc 1 you can use that to play MP usually, but you will need the ORIGINAL Disc 1 for single player, it has to be IN THE DRIVE.


Installing the game should be done from the original disc, as a copy may give you an incomplete install.


Anyway, to avoid any warez issues, this thread will be closed.


Suffice to say you can figure it out.

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