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The most UNFORTUNATE coincedince

Bobo Donkey™

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I thought that the Sam & Max 2 cancellation was all an April Fools joke when it first got announced back in March. Why? Because two days beforehand, I had emailed Spaff suggesting that LucasArts could pretend that Sam & Max is cancelled for an April Fools joke. When the bad news was announced, I thought that Spaff had sent LA the idea and they had agreed within two days that it would be a good send up.


When I found out later at the end of the month that it wasn't a joke. I was devastated. LucasArts had betrayed me. I had been thinking that it was my April Fools joke all this time.


I've been having some rather bad luck this year. First, my CD-RW drive goes on the blink and the replacement that my Dad bought can't work because of the requirements for it, my brand new mobile phone gets its SIM card rejected. The only thing that kept me going through this month was the belief that I was behind this "Joke" (and my Sonic games too).


Now I think I'll go make some hate art to show what I think of them now.

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