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Blaster,fire (READ)! plz


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have any of u been annoyed by how slow the blaster bolts travel,,it's so stupid!!!,i can out run the blaster fire on a swoop ..i'm working on codeing a mod 2 fix it,,but,i can't find any source files,2 fix it,i need some help plz......the blasters travel way 2 slow,if your trying 2 hit somebody a long ways off,it takes the blots like 30 secs just 2 get there,,there has to be some way 2 speed up the blaster bolts while they are in the air,if u know anything plz help..there is a mod called ninja mod,that done this,i tried to figure out how,but i couldn't find any files that coded it do do that,,but if u have any info help m plz :)

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