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It seems to me liking Catch-22 and remaining in the army reads a tad loony. Of course, Yossarian didn't work in *scoff*intelligence*scoff*.


I am currently reading Hesse's The Glass Bead Game, but the lengthy literacy plan is already expanding. For a while, next on the list was The Tin Drum by Gunther Grasse, which I even went so far as to buy. But then I reread my old book wishlist, and discovered that I still haven't read a novel by Philip K. Dick and I also never read Galapagos. So I made the mistake of leafing through the first couple pages of A Scanner Darkly and got hooked, so now I'll need to read that after Hesse and then re-introduce myself to Vonnegut (we meet again, Kurt!), and then I can read The Tin Drum, all this before even attempting Infinite Jest, which gets pushed closer and closer to the horizon with each new book. See, since IJ may take upwards of 2 years to read, I can't have anything that I immediately want to read on my mind, because I'll just start something else and never come back to Foster Wallace's tome.


Glass Bead Game is quiet and meditative, which is nice, and highly applicable to us art types, but I need to get through it quickly now as I really want to get cranking on A Scanner Darkly, as all that ish about aphids in the first couple o' pages is really interesting.


Oh, and Terry Gilliam is finally shooting Tideland. And somehow nothing is going wrong.

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