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Three questions about modifying source


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I posted this thread in the JO coding section first, but since this seems to be atleast visited I desided to post here too.

It's probably about the same code as JO anyway..



Question 1:

I changed the Charge Unit on the disruptor, it goes like this:


My problem is that it says to change it in the bg_pmove too. I cant find it there. So.. What line? What to modify ? (all in bg_pmove.c) .


Question 2:

Possible to change the recharge rate for the stunbaton so you have to wait like 2-3 sec to re-fire?


Question 3:

Can I make it so u have to be scoped to fire the disruptor?


As u can see im no big coder.. heh


Thanks in advance! :D

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1. I couldn't see anything in bg_pmove.c that refers to the charge time - it must be one of those mystery comments. There's stuff in there about the charge ... and maybe the charge time - maybe that's what it's on about ...


2. Yes, that's possible.


3. Yes, that's possible.

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