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Why is JA boring

A Jedi

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Because of people like this









Then i got kicked


You the so called honorable people, you HAVE to ask this to yourselves:





This is what people like TK does THE WHOLE FREAKING DAY

And you may ask, how does he have fun? well using the admin comands our friends the moders gave to him


I mean, i can understand some noobs playing god in their own server or their clan server (80% of ffa servers out there), afterall those empowered teleporters actually play the game, but admins like tk think they are real virtual policeman with a great pay and some honor to defend, i really thought he wouldnt keep playing this game in 2004 since his gameplay is so empty, but it amazes me how he spents like 10 or more hours a day ENFORCING rules.

Its like shroomduck gives him one blowjob per kicked lamer?


Lets give a BIG BIG thank to slider, chosenone and company, for literally killing the game =)

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This thread needs to be locked or one of those idiotic flamming wars will break loose...

And why dont you actually play by the rules you will find it IS lots of fun believe it or not then you wont have to spend your time posting complaints about being a noobie and being punished for disobweying server rules...

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There are good servers, there are bad servers. You just have to find a server you like to play on with rules you can live with.


And yes, this kind of topic has been done to death, and usually ends up with people trading insults for the rest of the day.


So this thread is closed.

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Amen to that.


Let me take this opportunity (I just had to throw my 2 cents in didn't I?) to once again recommend my server (see Sig for IP and info).


No phony 'honor' to be found on my server, and no admin mods, only pure, unadulterated chaos, as it was meant to be!


There's also Amidala's Chop Shop and several other servers with no rules or very light rules if you look. It's still possible to enjoy the game, trust me. ; )

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