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Wow I'm really proud of you guys...


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I've been absent from these forums that I have once called home and had just recently returned to see new mapping legends being born, Lil Killa and rgoer are the ones that really stick out to me. I'm really astonished at the work and progress you guys have put out, and I remember when Lil Killa was nothing more than a mapper (now I feel hes making his way up to the legendary status). I feel the same about you rgoer. Now, if I had the same dedication and creativity that you have put into your maps I'm sure that I could become just as great of a mapper as both of you, but I'll pass that and stick to playing them :D. Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge these two and if it has already been done I apologize. Keep up the good work.




Officially retired from these forums

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