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The Dragon is Leaving


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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know what I'm officially retiring from the forums. It's been awhile since I've been here and talked to you all. Anyway maybe I'll see you guys in Jedi Academy or Star Wars Galaxies. Just wanted to say: wedge - thanks for helping me with my maps, Lil Killa - keep mapping, rgoer - ditto, theCheat - you're more than a little yellow thing (lol), and Rhett - I'm gonna miss your elves.


LoL I feel like I'm writing my own eulogy. I just wanna say thank you guys for making my experience with LF a great and fun one. I know this sounds corny so feel free to ignore me :p.




Officially retired from these forums

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_Leviathan_, eh? I'll keep that name on a piece of paper. If you run into a guy named Darth Inuyasha in JKA, he's me. :cool:


And with my luck, I'll probably find you on a server somehow.


Rhett - I'm gonna miss your elves.


Indeed you'll miss his child slaves elves........My lobsters are capturing them, even as we speak. :evil2:


You'll never truly escape from the Swamp. No one's ever managed such an impossible feat.


*Sets timer, betting he'll be back in 23 posts.*

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Originally posted by Astrotoy7

I find it interesting that ppl annpounce their retirement from forums.... what happenned to fading away and becoming disinterested..... :p




It's probably to alleviate all the "What happened to person X" threads in the future. :o


Anyway, sorry to see you're leaving. Have a nice life. :)

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yeah, if i were leaving then i wouldn't post a thread, because then the temptation is there to come back and see the replies.

then maybe you'll see a post that you want to reply to.


the only solution is cold turkey...


and i've got plenty of cold turkeys for you to own.

just send me your credit card number and you'll get your very own cold turkey. order now and get a free, yes free, casio watch.





you shouldn't still be here so there's no point me saying farewell. so instead how about a little entertainment, take it away boys...



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