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Sam & Max t-shirt for E3


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For those who wants to make a statement, or just like Sam & Max, you can create your own Sam & max t-shirt.


First you need a non-pixalated, super-hires image, or a vector image of what you want on the t-shirt. Second you need to take that file on CD to a printing company and about 40 bucks, and you can walk out of there same day with your new t-shirt.


The t-shirt would be awesome to see on people at E3.




So, here is one image that would work on a t-shirt.


http://wwhs.fangames.co.uk/tshirt.gif Made by leeny



Please contribute your own ideas of image on a t-shirt and paste the link here.




Thanks to http://wwhs.fangames.co.uk

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Yes, the T-shirt idea is great, and I would also bring many extras, even to give away freely at E3, just as long as they put them on to wear. But for the sticker idea. Brilliant. Millions of them. Okay, maybe thousands, but still, brilliant. I would do it, everywhere. I think only New York has some sort of rule about it, but thats not even really enforced. All those going to E3 to protest, the sticker idea is amazing. I'd probably give some money and props to someone bold enough to slap one right on the 'gold guys' head on LucasArts Marquee, as if to give him a sam face. Plus, we'd need pictures to rub it in their face.

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