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Lord of the Rings RPG character Creation


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Okay here's my LOTR RPG. Well, I'll start the story later when we get some people.


Name: Tathar Véneanár

Race: Elf

Age: 286 Shire Years (May seem old but remeber elfs are immortal.)

Born In: Mirkwood

Bio: Tathar was born in Mirkwood, and quickly learned to use a bow and arrow. His mother gave him a pendant with a blue gem inside, to remind him that, "The skies may not be blue where you are, but they are blue somewhere. His bow skill is unmatched.

Equipment: Leather Travel Vest, Elvish Bow, Ash Arrows, Short Sword.


Weakness:Not very phsysically strong.


(and yes he is modeled after Legolas.)

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During the time, because I want Saruman and Urk-Hai and the ringwraiths in there, but I wouldn't advise following the storyline of the books or movies.


Also make your posts At LEAST!!! a pargraph long. One sentence posts confuse people and are not very fun to read or be in the RPG of. Also use correct spelling and grammer, put your post into a word processor before you post. (Copy and paste it in.)(F-bomb I've turned into you on being picky about that.)

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I am sorry but look at the diffrence bewteenn Partners in Crime and Republic Crisis. Spelling and Grammer add to it. And you don't have to spell good. I suck at spelling too. You simple highlight your post, go to edit and hit copy, then open up microsoft word or wordperfect and then go to edit and hit paste. Then fix your mistakes. It's not very hard.

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Alright, here goes :)


Name: Parin Ironears.

Race: Aye, me be a mighty dwarf lad!

Age: 289 years.

Born in: Erebor.

Bio: born in more pleasant times, Parin soon got bored. He set out for adventure and became close friends with the humans.

In the past, he could often be found in Rohan, looking for treasure and whatnot. (although he never found anything, it was more fun than staying home.) He made a living as hired bodyguard and he selled his home-made dwarven ale. now, with the war going on, he is waiting for someone to hire him and set of on an adventure against the orcs...

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Name: Tor

Race: Moria Orc

Age: 20 Shire years.

Born in: Moria spawning pools

Bio: When Tor was born, he was soon spotted to be different than the rest. Though he was one of the most adept fighters the Moria goblins had ever seen, he lacked the will the cause harm and kill. He enjoyed gardening cave 'shrooms and cooking more than pillaging, though could do so if he wished. He was abandoned as the age of 10 because they thought he was useless. He was found by some dwarfs, who didn't recognise him as a goblin, so they took him in. After, they discovered that he was a goblin, but instead of killing him, they just abandoned him. He now went on in search of adventure, but more importantly a place to call home...

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