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OBImodel and skin, OBIsaber, and oh yes DARTH MAUL in JA!!!


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Here you go guys a little treat:


My first saberhilt made by me



A playermodel by the great Aaron Smith and myself

without robe



with robe and hood



with robe and without hood




I can't forget this guy!!!

skinned by the great Hapslash and myself


This guy is in game for JA now with the right skeleton

-- I will post new in game shots later


thanks to the great Zappa_0 and Higginson for helping me post the pic's






PS: all these skins will be improved over this week

-I'll keep you all posted

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It's looking good. Once you fix the hand color I hope to see in-game shots, 'cause the blue background kinda draws away from the details and makes things look off.


Oh yeah, does he have OJP/Keshire weapon tags for holstering the saber?

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