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Splinter Cell (stealth) Jedi ....another one of my bright ideas


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I have a question for all of you gamers?


would have liked to incorperate Splinter Cell's stealth into Jedi Academy?




your in a dark room and a guard is blocking the entrance to a sith base.

you stay close to the walls and slowly approach the enemy.

you hold crouch for 3 seconds, enabling the quiet/sneaking crouch.

you get closer and closer and before you know it your right behind him.

you press the interact button (enter, e,etc.) and you twist the enemy's neck in an unnatural position.

You then search the body, gaining his weapons and items.

....you then stride into the sith base with pride thinking to yourself... "I'm am nobody's bit*h."


now how cool would that be, deciding the fate of enemies in a well thought of plan. like when you have 7 near-unbeatable jedi's and you want to take them all out one by one without engaging them in a massive blood fight you know yull lose, then you just quietly approach them and either crack their necks, slide your saber through them as quietly as possible or what not.


it would just be cool if you can decide when and when not to go into stealth.:jawa

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I would definitely like if next Jedi Knight game would be more

realistic and "require" stealthy and in every way more carefull

action... (and not so much saber combat/saber enemies...)




Stealthy action should NOT be Forced like in that one mission

in Jedi Outcast (GameOver comes if someone see you) IF you

want you should be able to run in rambo style and just shoot



Missions/maps should be designed so that normally there are

only some few enemies patrolling and maybe quarding some

important doors and... but most enemies should be "off duty"

in some lounges or pubs or... (so you don't NEED to deal with



1. If you play stealthy you just avoid or quietly kill/stun those

quards and patrols...

2. If you play rambo style then someone will propably make

alert and those "off duty" will come after you too...



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