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OJP Basic v0.0.5 Beta 3 (old version) - Bots in Seige


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Ok, beta 3 for Basic v0.0.5 is out. The only changes since beta 2 have been making the Tab Bots work in siege. It's pretty early stage stuff, but, they can get all the way to the coffin without help (barely) on Korriban.


I've only tried things on Korriban but the code we have now should cover most of the objectives on the other maps. The game will spam you with an error message if the bot are trying to do an objective that they don't know how to complete.


There's what I know doesn't work:


- Rebels can't attack the coffin.

- No jump ability checking (meaning that the bots will attempt the jump wheither they have the nessicary force points or skill level.

- Bots will often jump into Lava after a dropped siege item (crystals)

- Bots suck at getting the blue crystal and staff.

- Defender bots hump the doors that haven't been broken yet and don't defend very well either.

- Attackers are single minded when attacking walls/breakables.

- Bots don't defend themselves when waiting for elevators or Pulling/Pushing buttons/platforms.

- There's no bot orders for siege yet.

- Bot's only do objectives in order.

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Awesome! Now we need that linux port...


My comments later (soon as I can do a good run-through).





Okay, wow, I'm impressed. This is light years beyond what I could do with just plain routes!


As you already know, the Rancor is the big sticking point for the bots on this map. He gets kill after kill eating them while they try to push the button for the Sceptor or kills them on their way out of the sceptor room.


One thing I've wondered, in your code, do the bots TRY to get up when knocked down? It seems like they'll lay there for a long time and get smacked to death.


I've also noticed that when eaten the kill message is "was bludgeoned by noname." Minor, but that should be changed.


With regard to the switch, the bots don't seem to know if the bridge is extended or not, so they often will close the bridge and run across as it's reeling in, thus falling, then they run around to try again.




1) Make bots always press to the side and rapidly tap JUMP to get up if knocked down. This will hopefully cut down on some of the Rancor deaths. If possible one bot should try to distract the rancor while the others go (ie: leading him away). Of course this might backfire by making all bots fight the rancor (but at least if he dies they can do the rest unhindered, it just takes so long).


But have the bots run from or fight the rancor, as of now they just bang into him repeatedly or stand inches away blissfully ignorant while he eats them.


2) If the bots "fall off the stone part" they should go AROUND to get the sceptor. This lets them avoid the Rancor altogether. I'm glad you got the push code part working, but this route is much faster and safer than waiting for the elevator.


Have the bots run up to the side of the edge of the Sceptor temple and jump over the lip, they can grab the Sceptor and come out the other side, head AROUND the big stone portion along the "sand" part and then head up the Ramp to the other temple.


3) The "use spam" thing is a bug as you said, but with regards to the Tech class it sort of works because he can heal people. His tossing batteries everywhere is useless though, especially since the Dark Jedi Demos don't use anything but TD's in primary mode. If they could be made to use secondary TD's (from a safe charged distance) they would be much more effective.


Down the road could we see Demolitions Jedi that place Trip mines at choke points effectively? First things first!


; )


4) Green of course needs Force Speed (Light Scout or Light Heavy Weapons) and here's how it works. Have the bot stop a few feet from the "crushing tunnels" on either side of the Green crystal. Then have them turn on Force Speed, hestiate a split second (so the power kicks in) then run straight throught the tunnel. Often it helps to "Roll" right at the end to get under the crusher. Then grab the crystal and head back, DOWN (over the lava) rather than trying the speed trick again, because holding a Crystal disables Force Speed for the duration its held.


You said you wanted alternate routes so that's one.


5) On Blue you have the "alternate route" involving anyone with level 3 Jump (Light Tech, Light Heavy Weapons) to head a few feet outside the door in the Blue crystal room and then head left or right, and jump up (max height) to the tiny "lip" on the buliding face, then up to the roof. Then they can run around the side and take a flying leap across to the crystal platform, grab the crystal and then jump back across and either:


a: land in front of the door OR

b: land in front of the elevator switch then take a smaller jump across the lava and continue.


The key here is another factor I'll get to...


6) The Roll Land From Jump this is VERY KEY to Korriban. The bots don't seem to do it.


Basically to survive from any long fall, one must be holding forward+crouch right before and as they land. This crouch roll will save them during the blue shortcut, otherwise they'll most likely die in front of the door every time.


The Roll Land also helps them survive when slapped off the temple by the Rancor. Again, if they get knocked off, they should take shortcuts around the temple through the sand, rather than trying the switch over and over.


7) Det Packs.


This is a big one. The Light Jedi Demo drops a lot of det packs, but he never (or almost never) detonates them. This is a big problem, because its usually his preferred weapon. Actually he should use saber except when there's something to be destroyed, then he should drop the dets. If you can get him to drop dets on the coffin, then the bots can actually win this one. This issue will come up again on the other maps, so might as well address it now.




Anyway, overall great effort, these bots will be much more useful than my efforts using only waypoints.


When the Linux port is ready, people can finally play this map with a little less frustration in smaller games or to learn how to play. These bots may impress many a skeptic about what AI can be made to do in this game.


Can't wait to see the rest you've got planned!

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Something else (not really related to Korriban per se), but the vehicles seem goofed up. You'll notice on Hoth the AT-ST behavior is bad.. the vehicle is more sluggish, the camera stutters and if you're firing and moving, and then stop moving (but keep firing) the AT-ST will continously walk in place (looks very odd).


This should be fixed before Hoth gets the TAB Bot treatment.


Also you can't combine old Siege routes with the new routes in OJP. I tried this and the bots will just stand perfectly still forever (don't even fight back when attacked). It seems only the TAB bots can be spawned anytime, "normal" bots can only be spawned at the beginning of a round in Siege and they don't obey the routes either, just jump around.


OJP seems to prevent the loading of the old routes in Siege. But that's okay I guess, since new routes would need to be made anyway.

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I should have said, a better way for the bots might be to have them JUMP across after pushing the switch.


The ones with Level 3 Force Jump can make it even without the bridge extended, although the others may fall. But if they are partway across a reeling in bridge they will still make it to the sceptor temple (unless they're pulled back).


The "bludgeoned" key message normally occurs if somebody is punched to death with melee (never occurs on Korriban since nobody can remove their saber to get melee) or kicked to death (but this is much rarer since staff style kick only does 2 hp per hit).


The Rancor can smack you to do, yes, but normally he'll either slap you across the map (in which case you take impact damage and it just says you died) or he eats you.

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Siege is always the second or third most popular gametype in JA, so you're not alone!


The Team Switching thing is a big issue, second only to the bot issue. Hopefully OJP can be the answer to all our prayers!

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Hmm I was just thinking about bots again. Then it happened. A question popped into my head. Would it be possible to make bots fly air crafts? I know they cant now but do you think someone could make this happen?!?!

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hmm i dont know anything about coding but i do know that they cant jump like they usually do when there arent any bot routes. lol or they might jump out of the ship. Them in a atst or a swoop would be really cool too. I think you might need to do the at-st one for hoth level.

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Originally posted by stride

Hmm I was just thinking about bots again. Then it happened. A question popped into my head. Would it be possible to make bots fly air crafts? I know they cant now but do you think someone could make this happen?!?!


I made bot routes for the Asteroids maps. I got the Blue Team bots to board the TIE Fighters but then they always crashed before they got to the asteroids fields. I don't know if they would have followed the bot routes while in the fighters.

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Heh, major thread revival here.


This guy should have posted in the OJP forums, and there's a much newer beta out (0.0.7 Beta 6) for the public's use.


I feel your pain Amidala, I routed the bots on Siege Destroyer and they just exited their craft and crashed shortly after launch on the Imperial side. On the Rebel side they wouldn't stay in their vehicles.


It would be a lot of work to add them into OJP, but it sure would be cool to see it someday, we can all agree.

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Originally posted by razorace

Uh, are you referring to running it with OJP or with basejka?


I play as OJP Folder and before I can play in Seige with Bots ... but right now I can not ... I load any "Seige Map" ... JA get Crush as soon as ... dont know why ?? ... is ATI driver problem ?

I always update newest drivers and some game getting more better but some game getting funny so ...

:confused: thank you

here is my PC and ATI info I think my PC is big Enough to handle any games......


Pentium 4 1.00GB of RAM


I playing Doom3, HL2, KOTOR, KOTOR2, UT2004, JA all highest setting and all game never Crush before ......





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Originally posted by razorace

What sort of crash are you having? Does it give you an error message? When does it happen? Which version of OJP are you using?

here is screenshot what looks like and after Ctrl + Alt + Delete key

I seeing "Error MAX_CVARS"

only from Base can load Siege


Color get little dark and Looks get busy .. :(

is only me ??:(:confused:

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Originally posted by Tinny

Hmm, i think that's when there's too much in your jampconfig file. Delete it and reset your inputs for that mod :/


what is means jampconfile file ?? not pk3 file in Base ??

I have lot of bind key but that always and before I can load any Seige map with any Mod ... but now cant with any Mod .... :(

anyways I was test with "Default" jampconfile but still get busy ..

sorry not only OJP Force Mod & Japlus too :(

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