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Brainstorming: Combat animations

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They are to be melee moves while holding a saber.


I had originally planned on plugging these in to the combo chains. But since Razor currently isn't using the specials that may be a good button combo to use too.


Attack+Alt Attack to melee attack. knocking someone:


off balance/Staggering/Knocking down

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I'm also going to revamp the entire unarmed system. Doing those punches while running is out the window.


*I'm thinking of some type of shoulder block/charge and a jump kick for when your running.


*I'll be changing the walk to something similar to a boxing shuffle.


*And finally a block/grapple to disarm people, and give unarmed some fighting chance.

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not really, its quite simple actually


primary attack = medium attack


secondary attack = light attack


primary + secondary attack held = heavy attack


primary + secondary attack tap = melee


not much complication complete control and intuitivity

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The selectable pistol thread gave me an idea. How about a quick-draw animation. I often have wanted to fire off a shot at a distant non-force-using opponent then quickly go back to using a saber. Not sure how practical it would be, but I think it would be pretty cool.

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Right Hand Disarm


Quicktime format render of the one of the final pieces to the unarmed system. The right handed disarm. I'll be doing a left hand version for dual sabers. If you happen to catch either arm while unarmed you strip them of their weapon and leave them laying flat on their back. Or so I hope.


So far I have all new unarmed attacks based on kick boxing but no screenies yet.


Both_Right_Punch (walk)

Both_Left_Punch (walk)

Torso_Melee_Block (walk)

Lower_Melee_Block (walk)

Torso_Run_ShoulderBash (run)

Both_Run_JumpKick (run)




I also have moves seperated so that some are only usable while running and some while walking.


So far this is what I've suggested to RazorAce


primary = punchs

Secondary = kicks

primary+secondary = disarm

primary+secondary+direction = standard grabs


with blocking being automatic and tied to fatigue. Run out/low of fatigue and you run the risk of being sent off-balanced/staggered/or knocked down


People with weapons can't block melee.


Anyother suggestions?

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Wow, some really cool animations. Just a suggestion, but maybe you can put in a coup de grace move(like the ground stab) where you do an ax kick to someone who on the ground. Basically that's when you lift up your leg and smash the heel into someone on the ground. Don't know how practical it would be, but it could be a viable tactic.

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A counterattack (could be done in two directions):


The defender deflects the incoming saber into a side and kicks with the opposite leg, torso for knockback, or feet for knockdown.


If the deflection was with one hand only it could also be a punch to the face.

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