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Rcon Commands (ie: How to be an Admin!)


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Many people seem to be under the mistaken impression that they need to download a third party "admin mod" (like JA+ or JAReloaded) in order to control their online server.


This couldn't be further from the truth!


There is already a system built into the game called "rcon" (short for "remote control). It is very easy to use and gives you full control over your game.


Some people whine that they can't be bothered to learn rcon, but the thing is, it's no more difficult to learn than the made-up systems that admin mods use (and shamelessly copy off of each other with the same abusive and unnecessary commands).


Learning Rcon will also benefit you with any other games that use this engine (Elite Force 1-2, Q3/Q3TA, Jedi Outcast, RTCW, etc. to name a few).


The following is a link to a site with a list of commands and great explanations to help you learn the system in no time (print it out, I highly recommend it!).




While the page describes Quake3, it works fine with JA (being a Q3 engine game). For more specific console commands like Force Power toggles, do a search for those commands on these forums.


The other cool thing about Rcon is that you can use it through ASE (All Seeing Eye, a free server browser program you can download). Pop up a window on your server, enter your password and you can issue Rcon commands direct to the server!


Rcon is great because it really is "remote control." You don't have to be "in the game" to do things like kick or ban. It can all be handled in the console in-game or in the dos-box like framework of a dedicated server you're running, or as I said through ASE (and with ASE you can even do it on a computer where JA isn't even installed, so long as you have the admin password!). It truly is portable and a great system.



Another useful page (again Q3 specific, but applicable in large part also to JA and all other Q3 engine games):




(console commands aka "cvars" short for console variables)



And now finally, some specific JA stuff, this is taken directly from the text file included with the Dedicated Server binary (downloadable from LucasFiles.com and other sites):


Remember you can always launch a dedicated server from the menus in the normal game exe and grab the config file.



0=Free For All


4=Power Duel

6=Team Free For All


8=Capture the Flag




Nothing is disabled if set to zero. Lightsaber only if set to 524279. The number is the total of a bitfield with 16 bits, each bit representing a weapon.



Same as above, but only when playing Duel. This is separate because we encourage Duel mode to be saber-only.



Nothing is disabled if set to zero. All force powers are disabled if set to 262143. The number is the total of a bitfield with 15 bits, each bit representing a force power.



If set to 1, then the red team must use the dark side and the blue team must use the light side.



Number from 1 to 7, going from Initiate to Jedi Master. The higher the rank, the more points to spend on powers.



If set to 1, then the "engage_duel" key is functional in FFA games. Sort of an "unadvertised command", you can brandish your lightsaber, target an enemy and press the key. If he receives the message and presses his engage_duel key, then you are isolated from other combatants and must duel to the death. Saber only, no force powers other than jump. This is the only time saberlock is operational in FFA. The winner gets his health replenished and bragging rights.



If set to 1, allows saber locking while playing Duel or while in a private duel.



Many of the rest are Q3 standard.



If set to 1 the game will auto cycle to the next map from the arenas list.




Multiplier for saber damage, does not modify 1-hitpoint damage done idly and in returns and such. For example, setting to 0.5 is half the normal damage, 2 is twice the normal damage,



You can type this in the server console to see the list of options and proper usage. This command basically allows you to toggle all force powers on/off at your will.



If set to 1, goes into slow motion when a duelist is slain in the duel gametype.




Specifies the force regeneration rate. Players will regain 1 force point every x milliseconds, where x is the value of this cvar.



If set to 1, allows players to suicide using the kill command during a duel. If set to 0 players will be unallowed to kill themselves via the console.



Can be a number in the range of 0 to 100, and sets the dismemberment probabilities. 0 means never, whereas 100 means every time a player dies from a saber hit of appropriate damage. This will not do anything for clients that do not have their cg_dismember cvar set appropriately.



If 1, in Siege games teams will switch sides after each round to beat the last team's time. If 0, teams will remain constant. Default is 1.



Cvar can be set to a string name of a Siege team, and will override the team used for a Siege team on any level. Unsupported and not tested a lot, may have issues or may not.



Same as g_siegeTeam1, but used for controller team 2's team.



If set to 1, enables extra kicks and throws to be used while the melee (fist) weapon is selected. Unsupported, and not tested a lot, same as g_siegeTeam1.



If set to 1, after dying in Siege a spectator cannot move and will be frozen in place. Not much reason for using this, but it's there if you want it.



Can be a value within a range of 0-20. 0 means saberlocking will never happen, where 20 means it will happen every time an appropriate saber clash occurs. Default value is 2. g_saberLocking must be 1 for this cvar to mean anything.



If 1, damage will be modified based on hit location for all weapons including light saber. If 0 damage will be the same regardless of hit location (JK2 style). Default is 1.





I was reminded of Samuel Dravis's ConfigEd program for script editing. I haven't tried it with JA, but it may be of help to you.




Feel free to post your own helpful links for learning how to be an admin (without silly admin mods)!

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Nothing is disabled if set to zero. Lightsaber only if set to 65531. The number is the total of a bitfield with 16 bits, each bit representing a weapon.



yea, that would work in JK2, but there are more than 16 weapons in JA :) i forget the actual number used, but 65531 leaves some stuff like thermals for sure...

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i linked the thread with the info in the thread that Khier posted, but heres the info just the same...


seta disable_ammo_blaster "1"
seta disable_ammo_metallic_bolts "1"
seta disable_ammo_detpack "1"
seta disable_ammo_powercell "1"
seta disable_ammo_rockets "1"
seta disable_ammo_thermal "1"
seta disable_ammo_tripmine "1"
seta disable_item_force_boon "1"
seta disable_item_force_enlighten_dark "1"
seta disable_item_force_enlighten_light "1"
seta disable_item_medpac "1"
seta disable_item_medpak_instant "1"
seta disable_item_seeker "1"
seta disable_item_sentry_gun "1"
seta disable_item_shield "1"
seta disable_item_shield_lrg_instant "1"
seta disable_item_shield_sm_instant "1"
seta disable_item_ysalimari "1"
seta disable_weapon_blaster "1"
seta disable_weapon_bowcaster "1"
seta disable_weapon_demp2 "1"
seta disable_weapon_det_pack "1"
seta disable_weapon_disruptor "1"
seta disable_weapon_emplaced "1"
seta disable_weapon_flechette "1"
seta disable_weapon_repeater "1"
seta disable_weapon_rocket_launcher "1"
seta disable_weapon_saber "1"
seta disable_weapon_stun_baton "1"
seta disable_weapon_thermal "1"
seta disable_weapon_trip_mine "1"

That disables just about everything.

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