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British prisoners escape -- to seek tougher jail elsewhere


Thu May 13, 6:34 PM ET


LONDON (AFP) - A pair of prisoners at a British low-security open jail have escaped, but only to knock on the door of a more secure prison nearby and ask to be detained there instead, a report said.


The duo fled from Leyhill prison near Gloucester, central England, because the reformed drugs users found narcotics too easily available there, the Times said in its Friday edition.


Audie Carr, 29 and 23-year-old Benjamin Clarke were found to be missing at a roll call held last Sunday night, but by Monday lunchtime they had knocked on the doors of Gloucester Prison around 20 miles ((32 kilometres) away.


The pair, jailed for offences including burglary, theft and assault, had originally been held at Gloucester Prison, where they were able to kick their drug habits.


But once transferred to the more relaxed Leyhill, they found "the demon of temptation once again on their shoulder," Gloucester magistrates court was told, according to the paper.


"They wanted to escape Leyhill and asked if they could finish their sentences at Gloucester," a prosecution lawyer told the court of the duo, who face charges of escaping from custody.





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hmmm...strange...you'd think they'd be able to go through official channels for that...you'd think anyway, but red tape can be annoyingly thick sometimes...and now they face an even longer sentence if convicted. *shakes head*

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