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Temporary Forum Return... My B-day

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Yeah, so, hey old buddies... yada yada.


Okay. Its my birthday and im bored so im just coming back to remind you of that fact. link to the Ginormus thing i wrote about it is here. Yeah, so, if any of you give a damn read the huge thing i wrote (5/15 + 5/17). Yes, ive finished my ramble so... Peace out!

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damn.... (wait am i allowed to say that her? o well) i only got two happy birthday wishes. i would have expected more... meh. yeah, so i came back for ten minutes again because a wave of boredom has swept over me. peace out for who knows how long.

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SE_Vader_536, your post sucks. Read the following information to find out what we think of you.


You are:


[ ] Clueless Newbie

[ ] A guest (even worse)

[x] Loser

[ ] AOLer

[x] 12 year old

[ ] Troll

[ ] Pervert

[x] Geek

[ ] Spammer

[x] Wannabe

[ ] Asskisser

[ ] l337 d00d

[ ] Flamer

[ ] Whiner

[x] Other: An attention-grabber


You Are Being Flamed Because


[ ] You posted a .99999... = 1 thread

[ ] You posted a Release Date thread

[ ] You posted a Patch thread

[ ] You posted a PC vs Mac thread

[ ] You posted a System Specifications thread

[ ] You posted a (InsertRandomRPG) vs DiabloII thread

[ ] You posted a Starcraft vs War3 thread

[ ] You posted a big slobbery kiss on Blizzard's Ass

[ ] You posted a "Where is Starcraft II" thread

[ ] You posted a (War3/WoW) vs DiabloII thread

[ ] You continued a long, stupid thread

[x] You committed crimes against pork biproducts

[ ] You posted a "YOU ALL SUCK" message

[ ] You haven't read the FAQ

[ ] You don't know which forum to post in

[ ] You just plain suck

[ ] You posted false information

[x] You posted something totally uninteresting

[ ] You doubleposted


[ ] You posted racist crap

[x] I don't like your tone of voice

[x] You are not civilized enough to post in these forums

[ ] Yuo mispeled evry sengle wurd.


In Punishment, You Must:


[ ] Give up your AOL Internet account


[ ] Jump into a bathtub while holding your monitor

[x] Actually post something relevant

[ ] Read the f****** FAQ

[ ] Be Pat Buchanan's love slave

[ ] Call Clinton and inform him he sucks

[x] Go to your room with no supper

[x] Apologize to everybody on this forum

[x] Go stand in the middle of a Highway

[ ] Recite the Greek alphabet backwards

[ ] Take a bath in bleach

[ ] Drink out of a spitoon

[x] Be castrated

[ ] All of the above


In Closing, I'd Like to Say:


[ ] Blow me, regardless of whether i have a dick or not.

[x] Get a life

[ ] Never post again

[ ] I pity your dog

[ ] Go to hell

[ ] Your IQ must be 7

[x] Take your s*** somewhere else


[ ] Learn to post or f*** off

[x] Go jump into some industrial equipment

[ ] All of the above





..I hope you know I'm not totally serious. Happy birthday >_>

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