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Sam N Max 2: The Most Important Game Of The 2004 E3?


Do you have faith in the game returning [answer after article is read]  

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  1. 1. Do you have faith in the game returning [answer after article is read]

    • Nope. There is no chance, give up.
    • Im kinda on the line, it could go either way.
    • YES! Lets keep fighting and we will get it!

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For those who have started to, or lost faith about Sam and Max 2, here is the god given new hope.


Today, I did something I haven't done in a dogs age, and checked http://www.Savesamandmax.com. When I did, I found an article about S N' M 2 at E3! It is the best news toward the game since its been cancelled, and came across so many points, I will only list a few.


"Lucas Arts legal rights to the Sam n Max characters expire in one year, at that time the rights revert back to the character’s creator. What happens then is anyone’s guess."



"Twice during the 3-day event, I found myself standing in a line behind attendees whose name tags identified them as Lucas Arts employees. Both times I initiated a conversation with others in the line about Sam n Max 2’s cancellation, my voice just loud enough for the Lucas Arts employees to overhear. They seemed to almost involuntarily cringe whenever Sam N Max was mentioned, or maybe it was just hopeful wishing on my part."


"It is rumored that several ex-employees of Lucas Arts are now interested in developing their own properties. Now instead of one blockbuster game, we may have quite a few smaller, high quality games that would revitalize the entire genre and attract attention from the mainstream."



If you would like a direct link to the site, Click Here


Along with the news, it has unreleased pictures that I found beautiful.


In closing, I hope this fuels back your hope, now start posting, and start fighting again! If we quit now, then where has all of our old fighting gotten us to?


[Participate in the poll please]

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Let's all go over to the Home of the Underdogs forum and throw insults at George Pear. He said that Sam&Max:Freelance Police was shaping up to be a bad game! In fact, he said the game was crap!


How the hell would that do anything.


Just go over to the LucasArts support forums and bug Jay "the fucking" administrator, okay?

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