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Yoda kicks some arse...


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Originally posted by Doomgiver

Yes, i had already seen it. F*cking hilarious!


Oh, by the way Tepe, newgrounds Isn't exactly a kids site. Kids come to these forums too, you know...


IT IS! IT IS! I swear it is!


I found it four years ago... I was 8 back then... It's ok untill you find the dating sims, dress-up games, violence, pico...

Well... It's... uh... kinda cool still...

*Runs away*

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Favourite Quotes:

Gnome: Aaah!

Yoda: Stutter I did not!

Jar Jar: Messa Jar Jar Binks!

Jar Jar: Messa Spine!!

Yoda: Clogged, the toilet is

Bob: Aw, you didn't leave a big bomb in there, did you?

Yoda: Size matters not!

Yoda: Only in Tatooine, Endor and Rhode Island

Yoda: She was 200 years old, I swear!

Bob: No! Not there!

Bob: This is more like a lightbutterknife

Yoda: When 900 year's old, big toy you get

Bob: Uhh... Your hut is insured; right?

Yoda: Young Man, Have I ever taught you about, the Dark Side??!!

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