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So how did you get here?


How did you get to offtopic gb?  

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  1. 1. How did you get to offtopic gb?

    • i was intrested and played GB and drawed more and more to offtopic
    • i was alrady a lot on the lucasforums and then stuck in here
    • i was intrested in gb altrough i never realy played and i am still in offtopic
    • i pressed the wrong button of my browser...and somehow ended up in here

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I'd say option 1.


Though the first time I actually posted here was after the huge SWGB vs WC3 threads, where I got completely slaughtered because of an extreme lack of allies... It was like me vs everyone else, but anyway :rolleyes:


Then we had all the AoM and RoN fans comming out (I was clearly overwhelmed by now), so I left until the game was truly dead, and I ended up here :)


And I just realized that...

...I'm actually "older" (forum speaking) than luke and the silent one, and I'm still faaar away from 1000 posts O_o. Guess I haven't been posting a lot!

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Originally posted by lukeiamyourdad

Well I run around on the LF network posting on several boards, mainly SWK, SWBF and sometimes the JK Senate and here of course. If you've stayed here only it's natural that you don't have a lot of posts.


I did post sometimes on JK, but I just stopped (don't remember why).


As for SWknights, well by the time I got addicted to KotOR, the forums were almost dead, so I spent my time posting at bioware's.


And, IIRC, the topics at battlefront are kind of pointless (we don't have enough info to have real debates yet).

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Originally posted by NL_Ackbar

what does mature mean?


To be mature means to be able to think before doing something.


In the case of the forums, there are many people who just start topics with no real reason... just for the heck of it. The best example would be a thread with a subject such as...

"This game's gonna suck"


There's no real point in this... And since we have very few info on Battlefront yet, it's impossible to say if it's gonna be good or bad.


You could also say that someone is not mature if he starts to insult anybody, or he doesn't accept critique on his ideas.

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Well, ***** *ahem* ... I mean, Fergie told me about this really nifty game coming out and how there was a little place online were people would talk and ahve a great time and hang out and whatnot making each other laugh, so I decided to check it out.


Anyways, that was like, a long time ago. A super long time ago. And I've still never really left, but it's kind of fun to pretend that I'm not here every once in awhile! :D

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I saw the game on LucasArts and did a search somewhere and ended up here. I stayed in on topic for a while but then was tempted to come to off-topic and realized it was a cool place and stayed. Then I left for around two years and I'm back now.

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I have rebellion (still play it btw) was going to get Forcecommander but other people said it was no good so I listened. Then I got GB and I fell in love!! Then later I got CC and I was in deeper love!! Then my father-in-law passed away (this is over a span of a few years btw) and we moved over 1300 miles to live with my mom-in-law. To get a break from it all I go on line much more often than I ever did before and I have come across this place. I try to go to each room that I am interested in and I just found this one. So I guess you can say that I drove 1300 miles, in about two days to get here. The end.

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