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So how did you get here?


How did you get to offtopic gb?  

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  1. 1. How did you get to offtopic gb?

    • i was intrested and played GB and drawed more and more to offtopic
    • i was alrady a lot on the lucasforums and then stuck in here
    • i was intrested in gb altrough i never realy played and i am still in offtopic
    • i pressed the wrong button of my browser...and somehow ended up in here

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Originally posted by lukeiamyourdad

Somehow, I found my way here. I was on the Galactic Battlegrounds official website and then clicked on fan sites. Clicked on Galactic Battles.com . Then on forums. Then at the on-topic part. Then here after I got bored. Then on to the rest of the LF network.

Ditto that.


Oh, the joyous memories. Unfortunetly, my install CD for the original died, so now I can't really play it. Oh well...

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