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What games are we going to this fall?


What game you picking up this fall?  

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  1. 1. What game you picking up this fall?

    • SWG-expansion
    • World of Warcraft
    • Battle for Middle-Earth
    • Battlefront
    • other (explain)

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GameCube is popular in Japan because the Japanese actually make games that appeal to them, and publishers in the US wnt to make money, which the GameCube dosnt do for them, so they went to XBox.


Both are good systems. I like my GC very much. It has some awesome games that you can't get for the XBox. It reminds me a lot of Dreamcast, both bombed but I liked both of them.

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Well i for one have always been a big Nintendo fan. I'm pretty sure i still have an original nintendo sitting around somewhere, my sister has a Super-Nintendo, and i have both a Nintendo 64 and a Gamecube.


The thing about Gamecube that has always bugged me is that, while it has amazing graphics, particually in the RS series, no-one seems to want to make games for it. For example, i would love to have gotten 'Jedi Starfighter' but it was only for xbox and PS2. Same goes for an aussie game, V8 Supercars 2 - it looks great but again, only for xbox and PS2.

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I think the reason why some companies don't want to m ake games for them is that they're afraid Microsoft or Sony will pounce on them anmd try to buy them look at what happened to Rare they made excellent games for nintendo and were sumarilly pounced on and bought up and now because they're afraid of breaching prior agreements and copyright laws they've made crappy games compared to some of their Nintendo titles and they've even resorted to making an over glorified version of Conker 64.


Anyone who says Nintendo is talking nonsense about online gaming obviously doesn't know their history. The Nes and SNES were internet capable and indeed their was a alrge membership in Japan and i think a small membership in america.


I wouldn't nessacerily say it's harder i'd propably just say it's easy because theirs a few universities in the UK that actually offer Gamecube Programming as a university course so Nintendo wouldn't be allowing it If it was hard to get lisencing for it. They do have some kick ass games and the New Zelda Metroid and Starfox look like they blow everything else out of the water and The DS looks like to be a rool away success there's a very long list of Failed handhelds and the PSP has broken several Cardinal rules one of them is Battery Life and another is Price.


What's the RS series some variuant on residenmt evil?


I have a feeling though that Nintendo has learned a few lessons from this round of the Console wars and is Preparing them for Revoloution. Particularly advertising while they had some in britian it was a bit thin on the ground. I particularly remeber the Wind Waker advert which started off with a girl in a grey cloak talking saying that she needed help and that he was her only hope and had amazing screenshots punctuating it. Does make me wonder how many Poly's Wind Waker was pushing around underneath the Cel Shading.

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