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Arghhh I can't stand this!

Mr. X

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First of all does your ip HAVE to be static?


Ok I have done (or at least I think I have) all the tweaks on my linksys router's page. I forwarded the ports, checked the correct box, and disabled that wab or whatever request. Whenever I try to start an online game I load the mod, go to create game, and set it to Dedicated Server: Internet. I start the server and I can join and stuff, but NOONE ELSE CAN! Also I added the ip to my favorites and my server name shows, but it only has a ping of 1 (when empty)? Shouldn't there be more? Oh yeah, and my server.cfg seems to restart and not work? When I join the server it says Welcome to the server! Put your MOTD here., and even council_pass wont get me logged in. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help in advance. :D


BTW My server's name doesn't show up in the main list.

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