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Sorry, was out of town for a while... here are some more answers:


I did have a few more questions based on the answer to the question about Rebel Marksman. Earlier they mentioned that the Bothan Spy kit was moved to the Rebel Marksman. Was this function working in the pre-alpha? Were there any players that played with the spy feature?

- No one that I know of played as a spy, but I'm not sure if it was even enabled.


Does the radar display units across the entire map or does it display units only in the nearby vicinity? Are all vehicles displayed on radar, or are only team vehicles displayed?

- Nearby Vicinity. As for vehicles, I believe it was only team vehicles.


Earlier this week there was a posted link to an article that stated that both teams are displayed on radar. Was this an option that could be activated?

- The majority of options in the game were set on the server, so I didn't get a list of what enviroment we were playing in.


Finally, are units on radar distinguishable from others? Can a player tell if a unit on radar is a Vanguard, or Stormtrooper by their radar signature? Are vehicles a different size on the radar display?

- No, you can't really distinguish characters by the radar, but vehicles are different.

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[*]I read vehicles are very easy to handle. Does that mean that a noob can pilot a vehicle as good as an experienced player?

- The vehicles have are pretty easy to pick up, so everyone should be fairly equal when piloting them.


[*]A (long) time ago (in a galaxy far far away) it was mentioned that pilots would be able to construct structures. Did you see anything of this in the game?

- While I personally didn't witness any construction, we were told that characters could build up broken items (mounted guns) and perform other similar tasks.


[*]Is flying a vehicle as a pilot a big advantage?

- I didn't notice one, but remember I only played for an hour or so.


[*]I read (also a long time ago) that rebel pilots would have a worms like ninja rope. Did you see anything of this?

- No...


[*]Something else I read was that pilots can capture vehicles driven by enemie nonpilots. Is this true?

- Did not see this.


[*]I read AT-ATs are mobile spawnpoints. How many troops are the able to carry and how can they get out? Can rebels take over AT-AT's?

- I never played as the AT-AT (the PCs weren't set to play Hoth.)


[*]How where the graphics :D

- They were great..!

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