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I have a modified '/botfiles/bots.txt' file.


The bot's have a one word name, with no spaces, they also have a 'funname' with colors and spaces surrounded in "quotation-marks".



The server's 'bot_minplayers' is to 4, so eight bots are loaded in the server.


The bots connect, and display their 'funname', so that works.

But when I or anyone else connects, only the bots with no spaces in their name will get kicked.

(and since the first connected bot generally has spaces in it's name, no bots are ever kicked)


So I tried it out on a quick local server and I get the following message:

Usage: kick <player name>

kick all = kick everyone

kick allbots = kick all bots



Here is one of the bots config


name serverbot1

funname "^2tru ^72 ^2life"

model Lando

color1 0

personality /botfiles/Lando.jkb





This is a JK2 server by the way.



Thanks for any help,


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Wow, that was a long time ago.


I don't remember if I found a way with basejk. From recollection, we changed the way the server kicks bots; instead of trying to kick by name we had it kick by client ID. I'm a little fuzzy on the details, so there may be a way without server-side changes, but I can't recall off hand.


All I know is, we gutted out most of ID's code and had to rewrite a lot of functions and add prototypes to accomplish what we wanted, including memory allocation and freeing – practically non-existent in JK, such a pain.


There's so many features we coded that never got released to the public, like server-side aimbot detection and 3-Way CTF for example, not to mention a JA port; such a shame.




Best of luck!

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