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A New Hope: C&VG posts an interest Adventure story...

The Tingler

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Got this over at C&VG, or PCZone.co.uk if we want to be specific.




These clever chappies have worked on Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, don'tcha know...


14:50 Remember LucasArts before the licensed days of Star Wars, Star Wars and um...Star Wars? These folks made their buck churning out numerous, incredibly original, quite ingenious point-and-click adventures, that were pretty damn good.

The good news is that some of them are back with a new company - Autumn Moon Entertainment - and a brand new adventure game, entitled A Vampyre Story.


As revealed in online mag The Inventory, A Vampyre Story is a point-and-click-styled outing with considerable technological advancements, and is described by its maker as 'Monkey Island meets Dracula'. It's a humorous, supernatural adventure that pays homage to the old Universal monster movies of the 1930s and 1940s.


Gamers control an unwilling opera singer turned vampire, as she bids to seek eternal peace (as well as making a starring role in a Parisian show). The visual style is very much that of old LucasArts aesthetic, with the developer inspired by past work on such titles as Escape From Monkey Island, Day Of The Tentacle, Curse Of Monkey Island and the incredible Grim Fandango.


There will also be a lot of vampire abilities to master, such as sucking blood, summoning werewolves and, possibly, controlling the weather.


Elsewhere, gameplay will be controlled through a 'coin interface' similar to Curse Of Monkey Island, which is expandable like the one featured in BioWare's PC RPG Neverwinter Nights.


If you like adventure games, this is likely to become one of the most anticipated of the bunch, especially with TV/graphic novel spin-offs also mooted as possibilities. A Halloween 2005 release is currently planned. Sounds like timing to us.



A new hope for Adventures dawns... anyone know anything about this?


EDIT: Here are some screens, looking remarkably Curse of Monkey Island...


Creepy Mountains...

Addams Family, anyone?

A Goth's Inventory

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The screenshot links don't work for me, so I just found them here


I've just read the interveiw in the Inventory and it looks like it's set to be one big comeback for quality adventure games. Yeah, sure, Dreamfall looks set to be the same type of thing, but a Vampire story is something were all looking forward to because of it's Monkey island relations and the fact that I don't think these developers would cancel production on it, even if developers did, they would simply find another publisher.

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