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WIP: Dwarf Nuna


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Hehehe, believe me, you would've known already if I really kicked your balls. Now, strange statements aside. You only have to attach those parts, re weight the model, and voilá. So, where does the "remake all the animations" fit in???

To be honest, I don't like the tone of your post. So if it has a fun innuendo, I suggest you use one of those silly emoticons to express yourself better.

May I remind you, I helped you out a couple of times before, just like I helped out a lot of guys in this community, so I woul really appreciate some respect.

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This is a different one. A neat idea, none the less. Anyone ever play The Phantom Menace adventure game? It was on PS1 & PC right when the movie came out (in '99). In the swamps of Naboo, there were Nunas and yes, they attacked when you got close enough. I just cut those space chickens down. Also, in Episode II, on the bar's view screens in the club (on Coruscant), you see a good ol' game of Nuna ball being played (It's played by droids; kind of like spectating football -> the American type of football)

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